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Bloggaday 171 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular Pt 7

Bloggaday 171 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular Pt 7

800 words of fiction content for you folks today. I was working to a point to end it because it foreshadowed something, but it probably would have been another 100 or so. I think I ended it at a pretty good point though. I could have ended it at about 500, but it just didn’t end on as high of a note as I wanted.

So, without further ado, The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular Pt 7

“It’s that one there,” he said.

“Ooo, are you sure, now?” Melinda asked. “Don’t want to be breaking into any ol’ house, don’t you know? They might go ahead and shoot us, thinkin’ we’re zombies and all of that, trying to eat their brains.”

Paul scanned the oppressive building and said, “This IS the home, but we don’t even have to go into it.”

Henric and Sandra skidded in the manicured lawn next the lycanthrope. “Then where must we go?” Henric asked.

“In the back,” Paul pointed off past the house. “There’s a shed back there that has a… lab I guess you would call it? It’s pretty big though.”

Henric nodded and said, “It would have to be rather extensive. Do you remember the layout of the facility?”

“Of course,” Paul nodded this time. “Well… good enough I’m sure.” The four started for a fence in a sprint, but Paul said, “Just don’t touch anything metal.”

As they cleared the fence, Melinda asked, “Metal?”

Falling back into a run, Paul continued, “Well, let’s just say they get their money’s worth on the meter loops I installed when they have intruders.”

They rounded the corner of the house, and the shed came into view. As they closed the distance, Henric said, “You should all watch for people and zombies as I pick the lock.

A guttural growl came from Paul as he began to pull away from the others. He dropped to all fours before he leapt into the door. The shed groaned against the blast, but stood the werewolf up. He stumbled back only to be replaced by Melinda who leapt into the air and led with a dropkick. This time, the door tore free from the peeling baby blue walls.

“Damn it, man!” Henric hissed. “What was that? I could have picked that lock and bypassed any alarms it may have had protecting it.”

Paul chuckled as he stumbled back to his feet. “I got my hands on a few new MT5’s from Israel and modified three of them into deadbolts for that door,” he said, pointing into the new abyss. “I could have given you an hour and you wouldn’t have done it any quieter.”

After a pause, Henric said, “Well, okay. Let’s just go now.”

As Paul popped his shoulder back into its socket, he pulled a small penlight and said, “Sounds good to me.”

The group made their way into the shed, Paul leading with a small spit of light cutting the darkness.

The light continued to makes sweeps around the room as Paul fumbled across a wall in the darkness. “Ha,” he exclaimed before fluorescents began to blink alive. They covered the stainless steel walls and sterile white ground in a pale coldness.

“Perhaps I was unclear,” Henric said. “This place is not nearly large enough.” He finished, scanning the clinical room. It stretched further than he would have thought from simply looking at the outside, but it was still only about twenty feet by twenty-fight feet.

Paul pointed off to the far corner where a 3 Hazmat suits hung. There’s a trap door over there. It requires a code to get in. I suppose now you can work your picking magic.”

“You mean you don’t want to just rip it from its hinges?” Henric asked with a mocking shock to his voice.

Paul simply bowed and offered the way to him.

“Thank you,” Henric said with his own bow of the head. He cleared the sparse room, jumping over a gurney strewn across the walkway. Kneeling down in the corner, he fumbled with a keypad.

The others stayed at the door, Sandra scanning the darkness outside. She looked at the frame now lacking a door and said, “We should probably set the door back up here. This light will eventually attract unwanted attention.”

“Ooo, zombies?” Melinda asked.

“Or do you mean cops?” Paul continued.

“Both,” she paused to look at them.

“Alright,” Paul sighed as he walked over to the layered door that lay bent and battered among a clutter of splinters and shattered wooden shrapnel. “Grab that side, honey,” he said, bending down to it.

The couple lifted the door and slammed it against the gaping opening in the shed. As Sandra moved to help, and they continue to push it into the warped metal, Melinda said, “Wow, It’s kinda depressing to have a zombie apocalypse on Christmas, eh?”

Paul nodded as he gritted his teeth for another push, but Sandra said, “It’s actually rather fitting, don’t you think?”

Melinda gave a little gasp before she asked, “What do you mean?”

Leveling her back against the doror, Sandra threw herself into it’s steel interior. “Well, Jesus came back from the dead, so it seems like an apt apocalypse for the occasion.”

Paul paused, leaning against the door and taking a breath. “Shouldn’t this have happened on Easter then?”

Sandra chuckled, but Melinda looked at the pair with just a bit of shocked horror. “You two are terrible.

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