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Bloggaday 193 – NNP 5: Bloggaday no equal Diary. I Swear. Pt. 1

Bloggaday 193 – NNP 5: Bloggaday no equal Diary. I Swear. Pt. 1

It’s kind of funny… It’s kind of funny that apparently I can’t write more than a thousand words without running out of opening sentences for my paragraphs. Anyways. I remember my dad stumbled upon the Bloggaday on facebook one day. Seemed interested about what it was. I explained what it was, me writing a blog every day between 100 and 500 words for a year. I guess his assumption was that is was a diary/journal. I explained to him, nah, it’s more of me just rambling on different topics and essays about different things.

Meh, topic was dropped. A couple weeks go by and it comes up again. Again, he explains that he thinks it’s like a journal or some other way to keep a daily log of my life. I explained again that it wasn’t, probably a little more bass in my voice this time. After all, I’ve tried very hard to keep this from just being a journal. Granted, I’ve had Bloggadays that have basically just been journal entries, but I’ve even pointed them out and ostracized them from the Bloggaday community.* Turning the Bloggaday into a journal has always been kind of its antithesis. I said before that the Bloggaday was meant for me to write new content every day. A diary isn’t “content” to me in that sense. It’s an easy out to finagle my way out of my goal through sloth and just coast on retelling what has happened to me. I don’t have to put myself out there if the Bloggaday became a journal/diary. Well, by that mean I don’t have to have original and creative thoughts to just do a journal. If I actually posted a journal of my life, then I would definitely be “out there.” I think I’ve established though that I’m not willing to be transparent enough to do an uncensored journal of my life and put that up. Yay for you. That would be boring. Much in the same way this is boring.

The other thing that annoyed me about his inability to accept the fact that the Bloggaday isn’t a journal is because if you read a week’s worth of Bloggadays, it becomes pretty clear that that’s not what it is at all. A week is what 3,500 words at most? Depending if I went over on my fiction content during Wednesday’s PWND Bloggaday, which doesn’t really have to be read to get a grasp of the Bloggaday, you just have to know that Wednesdays are a vessel for new fiction.

It’s even amusing because he actually asked for my permission to read since he didn’t know if I wanted to keep it private. I told him to go ahead, after all, I already said earlier that the Bloggaday is at least somewhat watered down for non-mass consumption. If I wanted to keep it private though from the folks who know me, I wouldn’t have it on facebook. It would be strictly a blogpot entity or some other blogging client. It’s amusing though given the fact that he never read it. He asked before the second and I even think before the first conversation as to what the Bloggaday is. I imagine if you read even a few Bloggadays you get a pretty good grasp of the ridiculousness and non-journaling of it. Heck, every week I have a segment where I script two mock newscasters and their producer calling my choice of song of the week. Believe it or not, folks, I’ve never had Tom for the SotW call me on a Monday** and ask about getting promoted to the Performer of the Month segment.

This is getting a hard cut-off. To finish the anecdote, read on. Get’s a little depressing in the next one though.

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* If you don’t they’ll infect the other posts, right? Right!? Ohhhoooo. What have I done to you poor Bloggadays.

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