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Bloggaday 195 – NNP 7: Behind the Scenes of NNP

Bloggaday 195 – NNP 7: Behind the Scenes of NNP

It’s kind of funny.* This was all going to be one Bloggaday. It just kept going though. Basically at the end of the first Bloggaday I wrote this ->

“but I’m not sure how I could NOT post this. The whole uplifting thing has played a pretty dominant thought in my noggin for a week or two now. I’ve been playing with the personal evaluation today, and the additional reflection is what ended up prompting me to write this. I’ve also incorporated some other stuff.”

I ended up wanting to add a bit to the middle, which ended up ballooning into 2,000 words of stumblemucking along a train of thought. It was originally much tighter. I was going to hit the cosplay groups and how the sasu/narus are couples. Then I was going to do the self-evaluation, joke/self-reflection. I was also putting dashes of little things that I had thought about putting in Bloggadays like that whole thing about me not being able to write completely content-uncensored Bloggadays, which drove me to write the paragraph I just quoted. I think I settled that I had to post all of this once I hit like 1,500 words. It’s just way too much content to just go to waste. It also gives a good look into my own noggin and perspectives, something you can only really get a glimpse of through my regular Bloggaday content because you’re getting it second-hand through the perspectives as seen in my everyday writings. This was much more first-hand brain prodding. I don’t know. I’m still a little gun-shy about it, but it’s probably for the best. Like I said though, it’s mostly just the neurotic rambling of me at like 1 in the morning.

The nice thing is that this is 6* Bloggadays. I can post these and a SotW and finally be caught up from my week of no posting. I will say though, there is a lost SotW. A week ago, during my sword construction, I never picked a song because nothing came up. Then last Monday I did 13 instead of 12 for some reason, so I’ll just skip that week and pick a song for this week. That plus these six and I’m set. Yay. ^.^

The Song of the Week has been weird lately. Since I’ve been a week behind in my posts, I would have to write an SotW a week after I had listened to the music that would have generated the post. Now I could have just written an extra one so I wouldn’t have to tap-dance a recall, but if reading this string of posts has taught you anything, it has to be that I’m lazy. Plus, the Song of the Week is more of just a vehicle to deliver Tom and Chuck content. I’ve already got ideas brewing for tomorrow. I’ll be making a guest appearance since I have 3 songs I can’t choose from for this week’s song.

What kills though me is the fact that most of this was written at like 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. At some point I annotated something with “** Hopefully,” but I have absolutely no idea what it was for. I never marked anything in the word doc with “**”, and I don’t know what it could have been tagged for. It would have been during some time in the first Bloggaday, but nothing really seems to fit. I suppose it will remain as one of the great Bloggaday mysteries, perhaps the FIRST Bloggaday mystery. “Perhaps?” you ask? I suppose that’s just the second great Bloggaday… or maybe the third. HEY! That’s the fourth great Bloggaday mystery. Or is it the third?

Aww, snap. What that? I have to post 8 Blogadays? And I decided to do this Sunday instead of Monday? Well, I still have enough content for an 8th and final Bloggaday. I’ll be right back. In the mean time, look at this:

Spaces and Expose rocks

Spaces and Expose rocks

For Bloggadays 189-196. I'm starting to use Mac's Spaces, which I used extensively for the NNP publishing. I used Expose also, but it's more to just give you an idea of what I had going. A lot of the open windows have multiple tabs open, and I had tons of more windows open, especially when I took a break, but I wasn't thinking about taking a pic like this.

Listening to

Ball and Chain by Poison

Twitter Tag

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195 August 28

* I really don’t want to know how many times I wrote, “it’s kind of funny.” I think I even tossed an “amusing” in there once.

** As I was putting these into their own documents to post I stretched a couple of them, making this 7 rather than 6 like when I had originally wrote this portion

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