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Bloggaday 260 – Rock Wall: 2 David: 1 pt 1

Bloggaday 260 – Rock Wall: 2 David: 1 pt 1

The feud started years ago. The two competitors met in grade school when they first clashed heads. During the annual fair on campus, the rivalry was born. David, the Bloggaday Author, was defeated and humiliated. After that day, it would be quite some time before the two would pit their skills yet again, but that day came…

The two found each other again. They had both made their way to the Halloween pumpkin patch, and the rivalry began anew. Again, they went head to head, and the beloved Bloggaday Author was thwarted again. With object failure, he left the patch, a defeated man. Could he ever beat his consummate foe? Could he ever reclaim his manly hood from the dismal performances of the last two competitions? He would have to wait a couple more years until they would face off for the third time…

And it came to pass that the two would be reunited one last time. The Rec and Fitness Center at CSUSB would be the conclusion of their great rivalry. At the center of the gym, among the eyes of dozens of onlookers, the two clashed. This time… our Bloggaday Author triumphed…

So I finally conquered a dim rock-climbing wall. In my 21 years, I’ve tried twice before and failed rather miserably. I’ve been eyeballing* the rock wall in the CSUSB gym since I stated going every week a few weeks ago. Given my performance on my last two attempts, though, I was going to keep doing my yoga and going to the gym for a couple more weeks before I tried the wall again.

That did not end up being the case. The last couple of Thursdays, I’ve been attending SAMA, the anima club of Cal State University San Bernardino. Afterwards, a couple of the members go do the rock wall in the Rec and Fit center. I decided to join them this week. And so starts my story of triumph.

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I’ve got a bit more to add, so I’ll end it here and finish it tomorrow

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With The 2nd Great Trigady behind us, we are ushered into the first post of the third Trigady, only on Bloggaday

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

* I’ve since learned that you don’t eyeball a rock wall…

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