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Bloggaday 241 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 18

Bloggaday 241 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 18

I hope you guys enjoyed the last 17 PWND posts. I enjoyed writing them. Once I go through an edit it, I’ll probably post it one last time as a Bloggaday in its entirety. I figure it’ll probably be at least 500 words of changes.

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The bat worked its wing between the two and slashed, cutting a swath of flesh from the wolf’s shoulder to his hip. As the he stumbled back, the bat flapped and struggled away.

With a dripping mouth, the wolf crushed the collar bone caught between his teeth and watched the twitching bat flutter.

Another step back, and he tripped on the bulkhead. He dug a hand into the wall and clawed at the bulkhead. With a jerk, he heaved the warped metal into the air.

The bat made one last pull for what remained of the bulkhead as the whirring started, but the door still crushed its back and split the writhing bat in two.

Clutching at the spewing whole in his chest, the wolf limped towards the bat. As he got closer, the bat twitched and flailed more, but failed to escape.

The wolf sagged to the door, but with a roar, he made it to his feet with it. With another jerk, he got it above his head, but as he stepped for the bat, his leg gave, and he fell to his knee, his thigh snapping and bulging as it hit the concrete.

He cried out with a howl but kept the metal up, bone slowly cutting through muscle and skin in his leg. Looking down at the bat, it stopped twitching.

The bat coughed on its own blood, sloshing it to a thick and black puddle around him. It struggled against the drowning for a sound until it finally managed, “Pauckkk… Paul… Now…” It seized, splashing the gel around it. The bleeding from its shoulder, wing, and severed back stopped, and wet skin started covering the holes.

The wolf finally brought the door down and crushed Henric. He rolled to his back as he began shedding. Working his way to hands and knees, he crawled from the blood and gore. The trail of hair quickly covered the distance to the framework of the door. Clutching at the metal, he ripped at the handle and fell back to his haunches.

The door clanked open in jerks, and the wolf tumbled through it and rolled to his chest. Blinking at the dullness of the frame, he waited for it. With another jarring clunk, the door began to close. As it continued to swing in, it slowed until it stopped, the door catching on the framework of the room.

Reaching out for the door, only fingertips caught frame but still managed to jerk it closed. A smile washed over his face as the walls hissed and fog enveloped the hall. Paul let his eyes drift shut and let go of consciousness.

And that’s all I wrote…

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