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Bloggaday 229 – My Third Yoga Class

Bloggaday 229 – My Third Yoga Class

As a quick note, yoga is better with a cheering section

As the quarter starts, and with it, 3 yoga classes a week, I’ll make my last monthly yoga-session update. Well, I might still post them monthly, but I’ve been posting them lately because I’ve been in a monthly yoga group, so each post followed my first 3 yoga classes. Anyways, I just went to my third yoga session. Overall, it was good. Sweated it up a little and all of that.

I find that I’ve learned something new each time I’ve gone. Previously, I’ve learned things that have been rather seamlessly incorporated into my home yoga. This time however, I’ve learned something fun, but it can’t really be slipped in. We learned how to do arm balances. At least that’s how it was described. I’m sure she actually called it something else, I just don’t remember. I suppose I should go check.

Well, I couldn’t find the exact thing, but it’s kind of like a really novice version of this I’ve got to say, while it’s not really as seamless as the other stuff I’ve learned, it was a lot of fun. To get us prepped, she had us put our leg over our upper arm, and then we just lifted ourselves up on our arms and stuck our free foot out.

She showed us the complete lift, so I started doing it. While doing it, I wasn’t really watching other people, but I get the feeling that most folks couldn’t do it since like ¾ of the class started cheering for me as I was pulling it off. I was shifting forward when I started losing the pose and slipping back, but as it turns out, cheerleaders really do help. I powered through it and completed the pose. I just wish I could find a picture of the actual pose.

The arm balance was also a nice little changeup from the rest of the routine. Not that the rest of the routine wasn’t good, it just focused a lot on the legs, and my utter lack of lower body strength makes those kinds of sessions harder on me than the typical routine.

As I’m writing this, my legs are already whispering sweet nothings to me of the promise of excruciating muscle soreness for the next couple of days. Well, excruciating might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s still going to suck. That’s because I have another yoga class tomorrow though at CSUSB, so I’m probably going to be working them again. Then I have the gym after that, but I’ll try my best to lay off of the legs.

After the session, a few of the folks went to Martha Greens for some breakfast, so I tagged along. I hadn’t gone the previous two times after the yoga meetups, so I figured I would this time. Out of the probably pushing 20 people from yoga, only 5 of us went to breakfast afterwards though. I think it was more like 10 last time. I will say though, it seemed a little pricey for just pancakes and orange juice, but considering yoga was all of 3 dollars, I still came out ahead.

Apparently, two groups feed the yoga meetups, the yoga group at which I’m apart of and a hiking group at They sad I should give the hiking group a try, so I might try it.

All and all, it was definitely, a good meetup. It was another fun session where I learned stuff.

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