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Bloggaday 235 – A Train of Thought: Now Departing From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold pt 5

Bloggaday 235 – A Train of Thought: Now Departing From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold pt 5

So when I last left you on this train, I was talking about the downfall of Charlie Harper, and how that fate had been held by some other characters like Eliot and Al from Just Shoot Me and Home Improvement respectively.

That was before the new season started… Shortly after I posted the last one of these train of thoughts (part 4 in Bloggaday 217)* a couple of weeks ago, the season premiere of Two and a Half Men came out. I was going to write part 5 of this Bloggaday series. I remember thinking about opeing it with something along the lines of “SEASON PREMIERE OF TWO AND A HALF MEN REDEEMS LAST THREE SEASONS!”

Unfortunately,** I got a bit sidetracked with other Bloggadays. As I’m writing this, It’s Monday, October 4th, so I’m already a couple of episodes in the new season with a new episode tonight. My hopes are high that they can keep the momentum up with this new season.

As I implied earlier with my all caps sentence, I haven’t been a huge fan of the last couple of seasons of Two and a Half Men. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen all of the episodes and they still give laughs, but it has definitely been spiraling downwards in quality from the first few seasons. The decline of the show was actually going to be the subject of this Bloggaday, but then the new season swooped in to save the day and steal the spotlight.

All of the characters had become these ridiculous caricatures of themselves, but they seemed to kind of corrected this in the new season. Yes Alan is cheap, anal, and a loser, but it was just getting stupid lately.

Jake kept getting dumber and dumber. But that wasn’t really the character towards the beginning. He was just a severe under-achiever. I think my favorite Hake moment was in “I remember the Coatroom.” It was Jakes birthday, and Rose got him a magic set. Throughout the episode, he’s terrible at it, but at the end, there is a brilliant turnaround. They also set up the punch line earlier in the episode, so I’m not going to go into it now.

For Bloggaday 235

And Charlie… the problem with his character isn’t so much of an exaggeration of his earlier incarnation, but a complete reversal of the character. But if you wanted to read about that, go read Bloggaday 217. I went into it with quite some depth.

Well, I think that’s all for this Bloggaday. Since I put off writing this one, I ended up getting material for another one. Beyond that though, there’s still a lot of content left in this train of thought, so expect many more.

“Sunset Boulevard” seems a bit stilted

At least for today’s Final Thought

It has some good acting

Some… not so good

Still a solid movie

Deserving a film


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* Jeeze, I let this go for too long

** Frankly, this is “Fortunately” since I haven’t had any problems with Bloggaday content for the last couple of weeks.

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