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Bloggaday 255 – SotW 22 pt 2

Bloggaday 255 – SotW 22 pt 2

Tom: Are you ready?

Chuck: I think so…

Tom: Well, go ahead.

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Reader, and welcome to Song of the Week 22 part 2. I am Chuck, and I’m of course joined with Tom.

Tom: Hello, folks. I hope you had a great MUESDAY. I know I did.

Chuck: Really? Again with the Mues-

Tom: Yes, Chuck, I had a fantastic Muesday. I dare say… it was the best Muesday of my life. Did you have a bad Muesday? Is that why you have such a bitter hatred of Muesday? If that’s all it is, then it’s just a simple matter of restructuring your operant conditioning.

Chuck: …

Tom: A few good Muesdays later, you’ll love them.

Chuck: I just think it’s ridiculous to arbitrarily combine to days of the week together and form Tonday.

Tom: Ooo, that’s good. It’s actually called Muesday, but I like Tonday. It’s hip and current.

Chuck: Can we just get on with the Song of the Week?

Tom: That we can.

Chuck: What were the bands again? Greenday, Metallica and…

Tom: And Poison.

Chuck: That’s right, well who got the song this week.

Tom: Well, let’s just get right into it then.

Chuck: And the song is…

Paul: dudududududududu

Tom: “Everyday”


Buddy Holly

Chuck: Buddy Holly? I thought the bands…

Tom: Well, you obviously don’t know your Buddy Holly history.

Chuck: ???

Tom: He was the lead singer for Metallica when James Hetfield stepped out with that whole pyrotechnic thing that happened in ’92.

Chuck: But Holly died in what, ‘52? How’s that for Buddy Holly history?

Tom: Oh, Chuck, and you probably think Elvis died when everybody said he did.

Chuck: As a matter of fact, I do.

Tom: You’re just so naïve sometimes, Chuck. It’s actually kind of cute sometimes.

Chuck: Yes, well, are we switching back to Apple ad songs again for next week?

Tom: Actually, no, we’re taking another week off from Apple.

Chuck: Really? We’re not going back to old songs again, are we?

Tom: No, we’re not. In fact, we already have three new songs on the Bloggaday iTunes that will be vying for our SotW this week.

Chuck: Well, what are they?

Tom: Since you asked, I’ll beat around the bush a little.

Chuck: Why?

Tom: Well, I had so much fun doing it last night with your wife that I figured I would do it again today.

Chuck: Jeeze, Tom. We were doing so good with the wife jokes, why did you have to go and say that?

Tom: I don’t have time to go into that, but I will say the upcoming songs are all Country songs.

Chuck: I guess that about does it. From all of us here at the Song of the Week, I’d like to thank you for reading another edition, and we all hope you have a great week.

Tom: I’m Tom.

Chuck: I’m Chuck. See you next time, Bloggaday Readers.

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