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Bloggaday 240 – A Caption Narrative: Shuriken

Bloggaday 240 – A Caption Narrative: Shuriken

Alright folks. This is the third Caption Narrative as described back in 188 It’s where I take the caption to my various Craftspicable Me projects and make a Bloggaday out of them. I thought about rewriting it all so it transitions smoothly and actually IS a Bloggaday, but I have to put 2 of these together right now and then post 7 Bloggadays, so that’s not going to happen, atleast not right now.

So, if you want to follow along my journey of my shuriken, read on. The pictures can be found at either Facebook

Or Photobucket Me/Shuriken/

My previous Caption Narrative posts

both of which deal with the fourth katana I made.

Looks terrible, but meh. Particleboard. More info in the captions -> Me/Shuriken/


1st try making a particle board shuriken

Sketched out and mostly cut (with a jig saw). I cut the hole first the first one I made and broke the shuriken in half when cutting the rest of it.

Using a belt sander to remove more of the excess material (next time, I plan on cutting on the line)

Manual sanding is a little more precise than 80 grit on a belt sander.

The belts sander has a rounded bulk, so you need to do some manual sanding

Looking good so far all sanded

Sloppy, yes, but when you put an edge on it, it helps to have an idea when center is

You’ll want one of these and a drill to put the hole in the center. I’m using 3/4” because that’s what’s comfortable for me.

I didn’t make it super sharp, but flat looked lame. I used the belt sander for the north blade, and it kind of ate the blade O_o, so I used sand paper on the table like I did earlier for the others blades.

Alright, Using the piece I showed earlier can make the hole off-center if you’re not careful. To prevent this, I drilled the hole with a regular bit and then taped sand paper to increasingly larger pieces to sand a good hole. Yes, silly, but this is why I don’t like making these little buggers.

Using the method I mention in the similar method, you’ll probably press too hard at least once and lose hold of it. I’ll let you know now, that’ll hurt.

You’ll want to sand the edges of the hole for comfort. After all, comfort is a ninja’s #1 concern.

The woodworking is now done. You can see where I had problems with the bit and it scratched the ninja star, which is why I sanded the hole rather than drilling it the proper size to begin with.

Uh, tools. The drill bits from left to right. Used to make the original hole It’s the largest one I could find. The other ones I taped the sand paper on to step up the hole size. If memory serves, 1/2” 5/8” ¾”. Sand paper is 80 grit. They don’t sell the belts for that sander though, so I had to rig them out of ones like you see there.

I’m priming the star for black spray paint. I’m not sure why I haven’t taken a finished picture of it, but I’ll get it up here in a day or two. I’m still not sure how I broke the tip off of the top left blade.

Finished shuriken all painted. One of these days I’ll sit down a bust a few more out.

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