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Bloggaday 256 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 9

Bloggaday 256 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 9

“As the two wrestled, a screech penetrated the shambles that remained of the door. The screech gave way to groans of metal as light began to litter the room.

Paul sat in the fluorescence as screams and ungodly noises blurred together in the darkness.

He braced it between his thumb and another finger before he snapped it straight.

The quick shot of pain distracted him from the familiar sickly feeling that was quickly invading and flooding every neuron, cell, and drop of his body

A weekend of nothing description is coming.

So this Final Thought will say absolutely”

220 was actually a really solid PWND Bloggaday. I also impressed myself with the fact that the new fiction was exactly 500 words. Definitely s must-read. And that Final Thought? It’s all artie-fartsie.

“I found another group called Riverside Kitten Killerz Anime Group. I’ll give you hint though; two out of the 3 main aspects of that name are false.

The group neither meets in Riverside, nor do they talk about anime… Actually, if I remember right, they said they do talk about anime. It’s not really a “group” though. I think they described themselves as more cultish… I kid. They don’t kill kittens.

Unfortunately, instead of Riverside, which would be like a 20 minute drive, it actually meets at a mysterious Starbucks in Corona, and that either makes like twice as far, or I’ll have to hitch a ride to Caprica. Unfortunately, I may have burned my Cylon bridge in

Bloggaday 221 – 3 Events and a Minor Family Reunion was another part 1 of a 2-parter, but this one was pretty good. I think I used the phrase “and there was way too much food” 5 times. Cleverly, not just beating you over the head with it. I basically talk about a couple of things I wanted to go to but didn’t make it too.

“Prosecutor: Your Honor, I present to you Exhibit C. I have taken the liberty, yes, liberty, to magnify the aspect of the flag that my expert witness is talking about.

Listening to

The Orbit of Sound”

222 was the continuation of the Carl’s Jr. Trial. Some decent stuff. If you read the first one, you kinda need to read this one as well. The “Listening to” tag refers to my sweet new sound setup. I’ll talk about it eventually on here.

“Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Objection! The white marking they are talking about is an arrow, an ARROW, pointing to the copy of the ad. This is ridiculous.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, I have one last witness. I’d like to call to the stand, George Strait.

Courtroom: /Murmer, /murmer, /murmer

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Your Honor, this is just a PR ploy. Mr. Strait isn’t even here.

Prosecutor: Your Honor… If I can just 3, 2, … 1, …

Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Son of a

I suppose I should have ran these across my brother, Super Awesome Lawyer of the Santa Cruz area, Keith Dysart, who passed his bar the on his first try, to see if I was even close with all of the legal mumbo jumbo.

223 was part 3 of the Carl’s Jr. trial. Some pretty decent content in this one, but what can you expect when Mr. George Strait makes an appearance? Also, check out those links there. They’re for my brother who is starting his own law firm up in Santa Cruz.

“Through his learned malcontent, he was able to help start a movement.

As a Final Thought, I would like to talk.

Talk about the (faux) trial I’m doing.

You know, the one claiming that

Carl’s Jr.’s a communist chain

Even though it’s a fake,

I’m still throwing in

the manipulation

and half-truths

that are in



224 was the first paper of the fall quarter to make an appearance on the Bloggaday. It’s a bit stilted, but there was some decent stuff in there.

“The shoulders of Paul’s shirt nearly disintegrating as his muscles ripped through their seams. Fat continued to metabolize to fuel the change as he began delivering punch after punch into the concrete in protest to the pain. Glass shattered and dug further and further into his hand as he started cratering the concrete.

The symphony of metal stopped only to be replaced by its groans. Paul looked up from his bloody attack on the cement to see the door being peeled from the rest of the bulkhead. Pallor hands continued to widen the hole as the Paul watched, an unbearable rage building in him. The pain became a blur, the picture before him nothing more than a dream.

The door finally flew from the bulkhead and spun in the air towards Paul. He tried to blink away from it in retreat, but his body refused to obey as the door sailed past him. A creature barreled through the opening, racing after the door, but it thudded to the ground, unable to recover from its own momentum. It lay there, twisted on the ground.

I think we owe it to ourselves

To stay or at least get fit,

Live healthy and long

Lives, if for nothing

Else, then to suck

Social Security

Drier than the

Dust in our




Yeah, hella-long clip from 227, but I liked this particular Bloggaday. Stuff really started ramping up for the rather brisk conclusion.

“Yoga can be an amazing thing

You can increase flexibility

You can get an excuse…

An excuse to do stuff,

Like slap your Sister

Don’t believe me?

Go to CSUSB!

Ask my prof

Just from…

Hip work!

228 was a pretty uneventful fitness report, but it had a fun little Final thought. I basically just talked about how sore I was and the various reason why I was sore. If you read it though, my goal for the quarter is to climb that rock wall.

“As a quick note, yoga is better with a cheering section

As I’m writing this, my legs are already whispering sweet nothings to me of the promise of excruciating muscle soreness for the next couple of days.

Twitter Tag

It strikes me that I haven’t written about my second yoga class when I got pulled over by a cop, but yoga #3 is up, only on Bloggaday”

This bit came from 229. It was just a quick 500 words about my 3rd yoga session. And let’s be honest. Yoga really is better with a cheering session.

Listening to

Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Twitter Tag

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256 October 28

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