Monday, October 11, 2010

Bloggaday 234 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 17

Bloggaday 234 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular pt 17

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In a feat defying bones and human anatomy, the monster dug a winged claw into the wall and wetly slithered to its feet.

Paul worked a distended jaw until it offered a guttural, “HENRIC. WE DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS.”

The twisted bat narrowed its body, becoming sickly profiled by the fluorescent light. It cocked its head with a depraved smile as its teeth glistened.

Paul began climbing to his feet, but the bat leapt from its stillness and tackled him into the frame. The pair bounced off of the warping metal and collapsed to the ground. What remained of Henric snapped at Paul.

Avoiding the rows of needle teeth, Paul continued grow. Hair sprouted from a spit-covered face as his face popped and stretched further into a snout. Soon, he too was biting out wildly. As the two finally connected, the writhing mess was brought to their feet. The bat punched a sharpened wing into the wolf’s chest and drove him into the wall.

With a wince, the wolf looked the wing and cocked its head. As the bat slithered in closer, the sadistic smile returning, the wolf grabbed the wing. A moment hesitation lasted between the two before he snapped it.

The bat cried out, clutching at the loose skin connecting him to severed wing. As it stared back up to the wolf, its clutching turned to slashing with its free wing.

As the bat continued to cut at its own wing, the wolf seized the little thing’s shoulders and sank his teeth into its shoulder.

One last gash severed the wing, and the bat tried flapping free of the wolf’s jaws, but he pulled himself free of the spike and drove the bat into the far wall. He clamped down tighter as the bat fought, eventually ripping a chunk of meat free from its shoulder.

The wolf came back up with a mouthful and stared into the blackness of the eyes so filled with hate. Pinned against the wall, the bat gave a scream with no trace of Henric left. Paul returned with a roar with all of its humanity stripped from it.

The bat worked its wing between the two and slashed, cutting a swath of flesh from the wolf’s shoulder to his hip. As the he stumbled back, the bat flapped and struggled away.

With a dripping mouth, the wolf crushed the collar bone caught between his teeth and watched the twitching bat flutter.

For my Final Thought today,

I just want to say I love it when

Trains get back on the tracks once lost

Especially with a new vigor and hope 233

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