Monday, October 11, 2010

Bloggaday 232 – SotW 19 Short Skirt Long Jacket pt3

Bloggaday 232 – SotW 19 Short Skirt Long Jacket pt3

Tom: Hey! Look at this. I’m doing an intro. Hi, Bloggaday Readers. I am Tom and with me and with lots of money on the line for this SotW is Chuck.

Chuck: Can we not keep bringing this up? I’m getting a little nervous about this four grand. I know it’s safe and everything, but I just can’t help shaking this feeling. I don’t know…

Tom: Well, let’s get right into it then

Tom: Okay. The SotW is…

Paul: dududududdudududududududu

Tom: “Short Skirt Long Jacket*”



Chuck: Wuuuhhhh???

Tom: “Short Skirt Long Jacket”



Chuck: I thought you said it was going to be Shangri-La…

Tom: When did I say that?

Chuck: I thought you were implying it when we were talking about “Get Off On the Pain.”

Tom: Nope, Bruises was an easy second, leaving the Miss Li song in a distant third. David got the download order right this time

Chuck: I just lost four THOUSAND dollars…

Tom: Yeah, that must kinda suck, huh?

Chuck: I already owe him another 10 from before.

Tom: Maybe that’s why your wife went to her mother’s house.

Chuck: Because of my gambling problem?

Tom: No, because I don’t think she wanted to be there when someone took a tire iron to your knees. But I guess that is a gambling problem, so yes.

Chuck: What am I going to do?

Tom: Don’t worry.

Chuck: You mean you’ll spot me the money?

Tom: Oh, hails nah. I’m just reassuring you because you have a job that you can do from a wheelchair.

Chuck: …

Tom: Well, we probably need to wrap up it up, do you want to do the outro or should I?

Chuck: No, no, go ahead.

Tom: From all of us here at the SotW and the Bloggaday, we’d like to thank for blah, blah blah, something, something, something, I changed Chuck’s speed dial, so when he thought he called his bookie, he actually called my friend, Skip**

Chuck: Wait, wha?

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Loverman by Metallica

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* I have been listening to this song non-stop this week. I got it on the 27th and my play count puts it at 40 times (It’s playing it now, so 40 in a minute). Granted, I have to play a song before I go to bed since Two and a Half Men can’t play when I plug my iPhone in, and Cake has been it this week, but it’s still a ridiculous amount of plays though*****

** When I looked up, the first thing that I saw was a jar of Skippy crunchy peanut butter***

*** Because you know… I wanted to protect the identity of Tom’s friend, not because this is fake or anything…****

**** /smilingwinkingface

***** Back in 5/20/08, I downloaded a few songs, including Three Chord Country, Love You, and a couple others. I liked them a lot, but I was still fresh-faced music wise, so when I saw I had listened to them like 3 times in one day, and it kind of weirded me out… I’m averaging over 6 times a day for a week with Cake’s song

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