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Bloggaday 250 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 5

Bloggaday 250 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 5

“I take that back I can hold up a conversation. The problem comes in holding my own in one.

Awwww. And this is all just the 1 o’clock neurosis rambling brought upon from shaky self-perception.

Find out how I’m a Jackoff of all trades and how I get jacked with roaming charges on my passions, only on Bloggaday”

This is from 190, part two of my previous clip. As that middle line says, it’s just rambling, but there were three good lines from it, so I posted them. Simple, huh?

“It’s just one of those shoulder-slumping moments.”

More craziness, this time from 191. I just got a kick from my closing line here. If you want to see a little bit of the reason for the Bloggaday, this is your best chance. I type about it extensively here along with some personality quirks that drove me to start it.

“I imagine it would be awkward if someone I knew walked up to me and quoted, “Hey, Tasty Beef Steak!

“Oh, jeeze. Please tell me you haven’t been reading the Wednesday fiction updates. The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular? Those are first drafts. I swear. I was just holding them for someone else. A friend. The friend is doing research.””

In 192, I started examining the content of the Bloggaday and my own battle with self-censorship. As I was writing that last line, I thought of that Mr. Censorship character from WWE a while back. Who was that? It wasn’t Riko, was it? Hmm, it looks like it was probably Stevie Richards I was thinking of. Anyways, I had to dig through many many many many many pages of my old Myspace blog to fid that “Tasty Beef Steak” thing. But I suppose it was worth it.

“I’ve even pointed them out and ostracized them from the Bloggaday community.`

A diary isn’t “content” to me in that sense. It’s an easy out to finagle my way out of my goal through sloth and just coast on retelling what has happened to me.

Yay for you.

the Bloggaday is at least somewhat watered down for non-mass consumption

` If you don’t, they’ll infect the other posts, right? Right!? Ohhhoooo. What have I done to you poor Bloggadays.”

193 was also part 5 of the nearly not published week of Bloggadays. I kind of went of a tangent in it about the Bloggaday and whether or not it’s a journal.

“It would have been during some time in the first Bloggaday, but nothing really seems to fit. I suppose it will remain as one of the great Bloggaday mysteries, perhaps the FIRST Bloggaday mystery. “Perhaps?” you ask? I suppose that’s just the second great Bloggaday… or maybe the third. HEY! That’s the fourth great Bloggaday mystery. Or is it the third?

Aww, snap. What that? I have to post 8 Blogadays? And I decided to do this Sunday instead of Monday? Well, I still have enough content for an 8th and final Bloggaday. I’ll be right back. In the mean time, look at this:

Spaces and Expose rocks

Spaces and Expose rocks”

It’s amazing what you find amusing at 2 o’clock in the morning. This is from 195, aka NNP 7. The first 6 NNP Bloggadays required some comments, so the last two NNP’s discuss the NNP line as a whole. Jeeze, I did have a lot of windows open though, and like I said, that’s not even all of them.

“If you’re not a fan of the more serious face of Bloggaday, fear not, it’s still a ridiculous project featuring ridiculous content for ridiculous people.

``` Wednesday’s Katana, anyone? I need the number to Christine Devine’s agent.``````

`````` I think you need to be in the IE for that reference.”

196 marked the last NNP and the first occurrence of the “Final Thought” segment. I got a bit sidetracked with a katana update, but it was going all meh, so it wasn’t heartbreaking. I was proud of myself for the “Wednesday’s Katana” bit though.

“Chuck: Oh, goodness. There isn’t one. David never sent us any email.

Tom: Alright, I’LL get ahold of him. Call douchebag

Phone: Calling: Chuck Der

Chuck: HEY!

Tom: Cancel… See, that’s how you be funny. Call Bloggaday author

Phone: Calling David Dysart

Tom: You are a sad little man.

David: Thanks, Tom. I never tire of hearing that.

Tom: Oh, no not you, David. I was talking to Chuck.

Tom: And the cliché douche bag’s own unoriginal terminology.”

Ahhh, more hijinks from our beloved SotW hosts in Bloggaday 197. SotW 14 is one of my few appearances on a Song of the Week segment. Despite having to work on my Bloggaday off, I really liked this one, and I wanted to put more of it up (like the last 6 lines), but you’ll just have to go read it. Sorry ^.^ I did keep my promise about pointing out when Tom called Chuck a douche though. That has to be worth something.

““Oh yeah. That was definitely worth the NEAR-zombie apocalypse. It was gorgeous over there.”

Melinda peaked her head in and mocked an echo, “HELLO, HELlo, Hello, hellooo.”

Pt12 of zombie fiction is up Stanky stuff hits the fan in 13”

199 offered some decent PWND content. Nothing too special, but it’s basically just playing setup. Again, I tweaked a thing or two when I read through it to find material for the Trigady.

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