Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bloggaday 231 – SotW 19 Short Skirt Long Jacket pt2

Bloggaday 231 – SotW 19 Short Skirt Long Jacket pt2

Chuck: A hearty hello, Bloggaday Readers, from Chuck and Tom, your hosts of the Song of the Week. Today, we finally get to the mysterious pic-

Tom: Woo wooOOooo

Chuck: Tom,



Tom: Woo?

Chuck: Just tell us the three songs vying for this week’s title.

Tom: Alright then… The three songs are “Bourgeois Shangri-La” by Miss Li, “Bruises” by Chairlift, and “Short Skirt Long Jacket” by Cake.

Chuck: Should we put any stock in that order?

Tom: Well, as I think we covered a couple of weeks ago the “Get Off On the Pain,” they were downloaded in that order, putting “Short Skirt Long Jacket” on top since Bloggaday Author, David Dysart, liked that song the best and anticipated that whenever he wanted to start at the top, it would be best and have the most replayabilty.

Chuck: Wow, Tom, four lines of text. I’m impressed.

Tom: Meah, I’m a dynamic character; what can I say.

Chuck: I don’t know, but to get on topic, if memory serves, “Get off on the Pain” was smack-dab in the middle on that set of downloads, so I ask again, should we put any stock in that lineup?

Tom: While “Lover Lover” was ahead of it and hasn’t been featured as an SotW, the top song, “If I Die Young,” WAS a SotW, so that was more of a case of stiff competition than incompetent download order.

Chuck: So, I guess that answers the question then.

Tom: Well, if you want to put money on it, go ahead. Just don’t complain to me when the results come in.

Chuck: Fine, give me a minute… I think we have an understanding.

Tom: What are you doing?

Chuck: I’m calling my bookie.

Tom: And they call me unprofessional…

Chuck: Yeah, it’s Chuck from the Bloggaday. I want two thousand on “Bourgeois Shangri-La” by Miss Li.

Tom: Well, while Chuck is being a horrible example for all of our younger readers, I guess I could talk about how the download order got its start.

Chuck: I don’t care. I’m good for the money.

Tom: Well, back when Bloggaday Author, David Dysart was trying to purchase the billionth song on iTunes, he ended up buying 7 songs from iTunes, “Viva La Vida,” “Photograph,” Headstrong,” “Iron Man,” “War Pigs*,” “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” and “Thriller.” Unfortunately, the two MJ songs weren’t the best of them, so it was an awkward situation for all.

Chuck: Okay, so you’ll take a four thousand bet, but not two thousand? That’s ridiculous.

Tom: Kinda like now.

Chuck: Fine, put me down for four grand.

Tom: Alright, I guess we should get down to business…

Chuck: Yep, I can’t wait to call him back and throw it in his smug face.

Tom: Okay. This week’s SotW is…

Paul: dududududdudududududududu

Tom: You know what? This is going to be good, so I think we should go for a third Bloggaday.

Chuck: Fine. Bloggaday Readers, we thank you for reading another SotW Bloggaday. Tune in tomorrow for the ACTUAL last post to this little saga known as Song of the Week 19.

If I can reference a previous Final Thought,

You’ve set off on such a special voyage,

A three hour voyage on the SS OTW.

Pardon my stutter, I apologize.

So where will this three,

Three hour voyage

Maroon you?

Perhaps to

The #


Listening to

A mediocre and nameless Coldpay song

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231 October 3

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