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Bloggaday 247 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 3

Bloggaday 247 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 3

“Wow, thank goodness I’m a dirty, dirty Sigler Junkie,

From 160, I was just talking about how I discovered Joco’s Thing a Week, and my own response to it with a new segment.

“But if you live in Southern California like me where lightning bolt isn’t readily available to strike you down, cancer is surely in your cards somewhere down the line, probably prostate at that.

From 161, a little fibbing always leads to prostate cancer apparently…

“Chuck: I didn’t want to play a damned clip on the Song of the Week. This should be new content every week. Is it that hard for you to pick up your share of 500 words?”

Okay, about 1/3 of SotW 9 from 162 should be here, but alas, you’ll have to go read it for that much of it.

“Well, what else is a poor white boy to do? Other than pull up his 17-inch Mac laptop and create it himself that is.

Yeah, so no story content this week. I had to decided last night, Zombies? Baby Got Back? Zombies? Baby Got Back? Honestly, which one would you have chosen?”

164 was just a little diddy about my “Baby Got Back mashup at

Tom: Hello Bloggaday readers. I am Tom, and I’m here with the man, the myth, Bloggaday author himself, David “The Other Darkness” Dysart.

David: Did you just speak a hyperlink?”

166 was part one of the first TAWR. There was a fun little exchange at the end there, so I would recommend reading it. I suppose I could explain “The Other Darkness” bit. It’s just a little fun about another Bloggaday, 112, about the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter.

“Tom: Well, be sure to keep me updated.

David: Don’t worry, I will.

Tom: I was afraid of that.

David: What?”

Closing out the first TAWR (part 2) in 167, I clash heads once again with the host, Tom.

“Tom: Yeah, yeah yeah. I’m just trying to figure this riddle out. It’s been bugging me all day. Tommy C. is in trouble”

Despite the fact that I’m only posting a single line, this was again one of my favorites, so personally, I would suggest you go read Bloggaday 168.

“Paul: I’m the one who transcribes this for the Bloggaday.

I know I usually just say “SotW,” as a general character decision, but it has seem a little odd without Chuck here to balance it out without his proprietary use of “Song of the Week.”

Tom had to solo the SotW, well, with his producer, Paul, but it offers a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the Song of the Week from 169.

“Dim you CSUSB. Dim you it to the inferno that is the Judaic-Christian torment that awaits all unsaved souls. May it rest in eternal misery with all the other blasted things that have thwarted my ulterior motives and rationalizations.”

A little variation on a common Bloggaday quote from Bloggaday 170.

““Ha,” he exclaimed before fluorescents began to blink alive. They covered the stainless steel walls and sterile white ground in a pale coldness.

Paul nodded as he gritted his teeth for another push, but Sandra said, “It’s actually rather fitting, don’t you think?”

Melinda gave a little gasp before she asked, “What do you mean?”

Leveling her back against the door, Sandra threw herself into it’s steel interior. “Well, Jesus came back from the dead, so it seems like an apt apocalypse for the occasion.”

Paul paused, leaning against the door and taking a breath. “Shouldn’t this have happened on Easter then?”

Sandra chuckled, but Melinda looked at the pair with just a bit of shocked horror. “You two are terrible.”

From the 800 words of fresh fiction content of 171. Still basic setup for the story.

“I suppose if you want something done…`````

````` Or well-done for that matter”

In 173, I was talking about a teak recipe I came up with. I ended up ending with a little pun at the end. If you go and read it, I will let you know that the ginger ale, cinnamon, and brown sugar marinade was actually really good. I definitely suggest it.

“So just to give you an example of how my train of thought tends to wander, how my inner monologue tends to meander, how my consciousness tends to just, you know how some fish can kind of fly? That’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

That creepy almond-eyed guy

That was all kinds of a weird train of thought. I bet I could write a Bloggaday on that. How did it go again?

Manga: 1984` and Chine went all post-pinko in 49.

`Coincidence or continued social commentary of an overreaching government, a la George Orwell”

174 marks my first train-of-thought Bloggaday. How else could I open it? It basically went through a stream of consciousness I had. It’s a bit amusing to see on paper.

“If you guessed New York City, then I’d wonder about you. Didn’t you read the first paragraph?

Since that doesn’t seem to be resonating with me too much, then why would I write this Bloggaday?

Have you skipped it yet? No?

What can I say? Cookers gotta cook”

Oh snap! I went all meta-reader on you folks in Bloggaday 175. It wasn’t a terribly good one. I’ve posted the best of it here. IF you must know though, it was about reality contestants from Redlands. I’ve also been on a bit of a “XXXXers gott XXXX” kick lately, so I ended up tossing one of those in there as well.

“Tom: Well, you could have tried to not be a douche and actually just roll with it. You know, like the professional you toted yourself to be just minutes earlier.

Chuck: I just kind of wanted you to mention them, not write their biographies. Haha

Tom: We’ve talked about this, Chuck. You’re the straight man, not the comedian. Dance with the one that brought ya.”

I think I can make a commitment to you, folks. Every time Tom calls Chuck a douche, it’ll show up on these Trigadys. 177 ended up being a pretty decent SotW. Not the best or anything, but definitely a solid showing.*

““Vampirism and lycanthropy are both strains of the current zombie disease.”

Paul laughed as he held the suit to his frame. “That’s for the suit and your theory. I don’t eat brains.”

“No,” Henric said empty-handed. “But your pathological ancestors might have done so. During its infancy, the disease we see today didn’t infect humans. It infected animals and probably had an extremely high lethality rate. Somewhere along the way, an infected wolf and bat managed to bite humans and transferred the infection to us. It likely took the same path as the current zombie infection, most became mindless killers while certain infected individuals would positively mutate.””

Not the usual PWND Trigady content, but I went finally started in on the Zombie/Vampire/Werewolf theory that holds “The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular” together in Bloggaday 178. That particular piece was part 8 of 18.

“Paul shrugged through the intermission of the speech.”

179 was the halfway point for “The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular.” It’s funny to think how I naïve I was. I actually thought I was going to finish the writing in a couple of days. I didn’t even end up doing that until over a month later. This was the only decent line form the post though.

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