Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bloggaday 259 – New Post Up and the Essential Bloggadays PART 2.1 for the Third Trigaday!

Bloggaday 259 – New Post Up and the Essential Bloggadays PART 2.1 for the Third Trigaday!

Alright, enough of that nonsense. Here’s a little basic forwonwon. The Bloggaday is a 500 word post every single day for an entire year. This is day 259 of the 365 posts. The Bloggaday is broken up into 3 parts, each one being a Trigady. At the end of each, I post a clipshow of the best. These are “The Great Trigadies.” Trigady = 1/3 of the Bloggaday. Great Trigady = the clipshow if that makes the previous ramblings any clear.

During the first Trigady, I came up with a very simplified Post Up (all of the links that end each Bloggaday), some of which had little song parodies attached to them, some of which didn’t. I had been wanting to update it for a couple of week, but after The First Great Trigady,* it was the obvious time to change it, so I completely revamped it and made it awesome. Now that the Second Great Trigady is over, I revamped it yet again.

This new Post Up is completely geared to the second Trigady. All of the songs I used were downloaded between now and the end of the first Trigady. I put the song it came from in parenthesis, but that won’t stay for the actual Post Up; it was just there for informative purposes.

I continued the them with the Essential Bloggaday section. I used posts strictly from the second Trigady. Unfortunately, I updated the Post Up that carried me through the second Trigady as I went along because I started the new segments with Tom and Chuck including the Song of the Week and Performer of the Month, so I decied to not use nose specific posts despite the fact they came up during the second Trigady.

For the Essential Bloggadays before, I linked to 6 post, so I decided to do the same this time. I had 4, but had to add and just to get up to 6 posts. Kind of sad that I couldn’t come up with 6 good posts when I had 120 to choose from…

Now, I didn’t change everything. The “Listening To” tag and “Twiter Tag” are kind of like Buster’s head from Mythbusters. They remained the same despite the complete overhaul of the body. Well, I need to stop talking now. I hope you enjoy the last little bit left of the Bloggaday!

The tags at the beginning are kind of like Buster’s head on Mythbusters.

Listening to

The League

Twitter Tag

The Bloggaday continues to recover from the 2nd Great Trigady with a brand new Post Up, only on Bloggaday

Exit stage right to my corner of the interweb > \/ Plaster Caster Twitter Strutter Hung My Head in a Tumblr A Little Less Conversation and a Whole Lotta Love If I Never See Your Face Again

Youtube Awesomeness Still deciding to try to capture it or let it slip

For the Piccaday Says I broke it twice, I must have done it half a dozen times Because Yesterdays ain’t got nothing on me From the nest in the hills chillin’ with Flynt

New to the Bloggaday? These are the essential posts to see

1 The basics

3 Get PWND with story content

73 Mash-up of science and relatable humor? It’s just Bloggaday

85 Deadpan humor and drama, what more can you want?

118 Maybe some practical real world advice drowned in humor.

137 My new favorite segments, the Sotw and PoM with Tom and Chuck

259 October 31

* I hadn’t come up with the whole “Great Trigady” at that point.

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