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Bloggaday 246 – SotW 21: Break Anotha pt1

Bloggaday 246 – SotW 21: Break Anotha pt1

Tom: Hello, Bloggaday Readers. Welcome to the 21st edition of The Song of the Week. For some reason or another, we are doing today’s Bloggaday at Chuck’s in-home studio, and jeeze, it’s hot out there.

Chuck: Haha, I bet

Tom: ? You haven’t been outside yet today?

Chuck: Hahaa, no. In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a giant ball of fire out there.

Tom: You mean the sun?

Chuck: Sun, fiery death star, I’ve hear it both ways.

Tom: You didn’t even call it a fiery death star last time

Chuck: I don’t care. There is a giant ball of FIRE out there. Tell me that’s in any way a good thing.

Tom: Well, we’d be dead without it

Chuck: We’d be dead if we were any closer to it

Tom: Yeah, but-

Chuck: No, no. If we were like even 2/3rds as close to it, it would probably fry everything and leave the earth a barren, desolate wasteland devoid of all life and beauty.

Tom: Yeah, but you can also get a killer tan from it.

Chuck: That’s another thing. It spews so much UV RADIATION that much exposure to it will give you CANCER. Tell me again how being outside is good for you.

Tom: Seriously… You need vitamin K, which you get from sunlight.

Chuck: I’ve got vitamin supplements for that. HA! And back to that UV RADIATION thing. The sun is powered by nuclear power.

Tom: Yeah, but-

Chuck: Everybody is all freaked out about nuclear power plants when we have a giant ball of death fire floating above us that is on fire and continues to flame on through nuclear power, throwing radiation at us, slamming and crushing our weakening magnetic field without mervy

Tom: Mervy?

Chuck: Sorry, mercy.

Tom: I think you need to make the dictinc-

Chuck: A fireball so large that its very existence warps space and time so much that it keeps 9 planets from escaping its inferno that would otherwise scatter.

Tom: You mean gravity?

Chuck: I’ve heard it both ways.

Tom: Then, eight planets.

Chuck: What?

Tom: Pluto’s not a planet anymore.

Chuck: Oh, yeah. Why was that again?

Tom: I think they were finding more things the size of Pluto, so it was either drop Pluto, or we start teaching our kids about planet X357R or something like that.

Chuck: Nonetheless! I have made my case that nothing can be gained from leaving my air conditioning and going outside to get sweaty.

Tom: Is that what this was all about, sweat?

Chuck: Well, yeah. This is a new suit, and it’s kind of a heavy fabric.

Tom: That is nice. What is that, flannel?

Chuck: Herringbone, actually.

Tom: Nice.

Chuck: Thanks.

Tom: So this has nothing to do with that bout of depression last week?

Chuck: Oh, that? No, I’m fine.

Tom: Well, that’s -

Chuck: Nohohohoooh. Nothing’s fine! Everything is horrible!

Tom: Well, then… It look like we’re at our wordcount for today. We’ll be back Wednesday for the conclusion of this week’s SotW.

Chuck: Whooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tom: Um… Thank you, Bloggaday Readers? Come back Wednesday to hear me and the hopefully unsuicidal Chuck delve into last week’s music scene. Have a great two days everybody.

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