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Bloggaday 225 – SotW 18

Bloggaday 225 – SotW 18

Chuck: Welcome once again to the Song of the Week, Bloggaday Readers. I am Chuck, and I’m of course joined by my amicable co-host, Tom.

Tom: Thanks, Chuck. Another great intro by my sidekick there.

Chuck: Sidekick?

Tom: Yeah. What did you think your part in all of this was?

Chuck: Well, I’m the host, and you are my CO-host. That’s your part in all of this here.

Tom: Sure, Chuck. Whatever get’s you through the night.

Chuck: No, no, no. It’s not ‘whatever get’s me through the night.’ It’s in my contract. Let me get it.

Tom: You carry around with you?

Chuck: It’s on my phone.

Tom: Oh, you took a picture of it?

Chuck: Well, it’s actually a high-res scan, but tomato, tomahto.

Tom: Wait, that’s not going to show in the Bloggaday.

Chuck: What?

Tom: Aren’t you just saying to different pronunciations of the same word?

Chuck: … Um…

Paul: Don’t worry guys. I’ll take care of it when I do the transcriptions.

Tom: Whatever you say, bossman. I trust you… That’s a thumbs-up from our producer for the reading audience at home.

Chuck: Aha! Here it is, right here. See, I’m the host with a CO-host to be added at a later date

Tom: First off, I was signed before you. Second off, my contract didn’t say I was a CO-host. They were just stroking your ego. It’s a trick they do so they don’t have to pay you more money.

Chuck: …

Tom: Yep. Sorry to burst your bubble. I’m kind of surprised you’ve made it this far thought, keeping you bubble cherry intact.

Chuck: Can we just get to the Song of the Week now?

Tom: Probably. There just wasn’t much content to draw from, so I figured it would do us good to spin off in that little tangent.

Chuck: You mean all of that was just because you didn’t think we had enough content to fill 500 words?

Tom: Yeah. You don’t think I’ve actually read my contract do you?

Chuck: No, I guess not. Your slothfulness never ceases to amaze me.

Tom: Good, so this week’s song is

Paul: dudududududududududu

Tom: Gay Bar


Electric Six

Chuck: Okay, so we mentioned Gay Bar last week.

Tom: Yep, it almost knocked Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys last week. It wasn’t anything new since we discussed it back then, so I couldn’t really vamp about it.

Chuck: Meh, I guess. That really kind of sucked though.

Tom: I know. I shouldn’t mess with you when your menstruating.

Chuck: Hey! You can’

Tom: Hey! I need to say something but we only have like 50 words left.

Chuck: Fine, saved by the word count

Tom: Over the next couple of week, Bloggaday Author, David Dysart will be going through the Apple Ad Songs, so if you’re a fan, be ready to hear some favorites.

Chuck: That was like 30 words. I could have chewed you out before that.

Tom: Yeah, but now we need an outro and we’re already over our word count.

Chuck: Fine. Thank you, Bloggaday Readers for joining us for another

Tom: SotW

Chuck: What the hell?

Tom: I say SotW, which saves us 3 words compared to your “Song of the Week.” I’m trying to keep us lean.

Chuck: But this little exchange alone cost us an east 50 words.

Tom: That’s your fault. You should have rolled with it.

Chuck: Jeeze. From all of us here at the…

Tom: SotW

Chuck: We thank you and hope you come back next week for a mystery Apple Ad Song. Have a great week

For my Final Thought,

I thought I would give you

Just a little of advice for life.

When you have so many sagas,

You just gotta put some sugar on it

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FOOOOOOTBAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL The last quarter of the packers/Bears game has actually been pretty good.

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