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Bloggaday 254 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 8

Bloggaday 254 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 8

“BAH! That stuff is expensive. Can I burn it, melt it down, and shoot it up afterwards? I’ve come to the conclusion that ramen is a food choice due to the financial hardships of manga habits rather than one of taste or cultural fanhood.

Another week gone,

Another 2-parter to end it.

I have no foreshadowing for ya,

But tomorrow’s an SotW, 16 this time,

And it’s been the worst SotW since last week’s

I picked up an expensive habit, and 210 talks about it a bit as well as lays down some Naruto background info. As it turns out, manga gets really expensive when you burn through 4 years worth of volumes in about a month, maybe a month and a half.

Oh, and that Final Thought? There’s foreshadowing if you know where to look.

“Tom: As always, I am Tom, and I’m joined with my subordinate co-host, Chuck.

Chuck: …

Tom: I kid because I love…

Chuck: Thanks To

Tom: Your wife…

Chuck: …

Tom: Awkwaaarrrrddddd…

Tom: It’s not a joke. If I sleep with her, then when you guys get back together, you can hold it over her head. Guilt No Justsu, FRIENDS style FTW!”

Bloggaday 211 – SotW 16 is another one of my favorites. Apparently I hit quite the groove in the early teens for the Song of the Week. If I could’ve, I would have added another large chunk of it here, but I can’t bring myself to post that much on a clipshow, so I guess you’ll have to go read it.

“And just when you thought this Bloggaday couldn’t get anymore boring, it turns out I was wrong!

An exclamation point makes things interesting, right? Right! Ha, I’ve got two of them in this Bloggaday. That makes it the most exciting Bloggaday ever…```

I suppose I can either look at that and smile at my consistency or cry like a choleric baby since my writing hasn’t grown in the last like 30,000 words.

Dim my increativital abilities.

``` Oh, sadly that’s probably true, though I do have The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular”

This snore came from 212 when I picked up an old word doc about autopilot and Bloggadayed about it. The first half was meant to be posted a while back, but it was short and I never got around to it.

“With a deafening silence, the door pinned Paul into the darkness… in the darkness but not alone. Decay and rotten flesh permeated the air, but it wasn’t a fresh smell. The dominant scent was… alive.

A voice cracked from the barren, blue lips, “Tell, me. Am I to visit your iniquities or to show you the way to lovingkindness?”?

There’s A LOT of rough writing in 213, but pt 14 of “The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular shows some promise”

“Bloggaday 214 – From Covert Affairs to Farmed Gold, a Train of Thought pt 1

I started pondering on the life where you constantly have to game people by selling your body for your job.`

but more on that next paragraph. In fact, let’s go there now.

I wouldn’t go as far as to call them butterfaces or anything,

` And you know, selling your body ISN’T your job”

“214 started another Train of Thought series of Bloggadays. The first line up there was going to be the original title, but I changed it. Apparently, these Train of Thought Bloggadays aren’t going to be uncommon, so I decided to make it into an official segment. If you haven’t picked it up yet, official segments share a common opening tag their titles like “Craftspicable Me,” “SotW, “PWND,” and others. It was a solid Bloggaday. I’m not labeling it as a favorite, but definitely a solid performance and I would recommend all of the Bloggadays from this series.

“Creepy in-bed smile + somewhat masculine face + great body = “meh” rule

A Final Thought that amused myself…

When I posted the last Bloggaday…

I scrolled to check the pictures,

But puzzled about Keibler

She was never on Men,

Why is her pic here

Oh, that’s right

Because I




I feel like a bit of an a-hole for the two or three posts around 216, but they had to be done. People needed to know about the “meh” rule. LIVES WERE AT RISK DAMMIT!

?It dawns on me that with all that talk about the women they had on Two and a Half Men, I missed one. Unlike the others, this one’s body doesn’t make up for the face, especially with all of the build-up they laid down at the beginning of the episode

So, to round off the last Bloggaday and kick this one off, I bring you…

They demolished the three characters. They didn’t “grow.” They got torn down and rebuilt as annoying, barely watchable and impossible to enjoy shadows of their prior selves.

````` Is a cataclysm ever isolated though?”

I forgot what I was talking about when I went back and read it for these posts. I lol’ed a little bit, chuckled really. It was only one chuckle though, a single ha, but not as exclamatory the “a” would imply.

And I’m probably in no position to judge character devlopment, but it annoyed me. That’s what 217 was really about.

I just realized that I need to redo the post ender for the posts. I got rather excited*

“Chuck: Odder than last week when the trio was an explicit rap song, a slow Rolling Stone song, and a novelty Irish song form a band called Dropkick Murphy?

Chuck: Wow, did you memorize that, too?

Tom: Yeah, but from my own disdain for you, not because David asked me too.

Chuck: Gay Bar?

Tom: Yeah, you know, like the one you met your wife at.

Chuck: Hay, we both walked in there on ACCIDENT! We agreed we wouldn’t speak of it again

` But you can go read it RIGHT NOW/shift + one”

There was a lot of stuff going on in SotW 17, Bloggaday 218. Solid SotW performance with the requisite” Chuck’s wife” joke, but this is also when I came up with “/shift+one**,” which is what I’m going to name my production company if I ever have one. I also pushed the fact that since I publish 7 Bloggadays at once now, you can go read the next part immediately rather than wait a full day. What can I say? I’m a PR guy at heart.

“Really Expensive Defense Attorney: Except in the 70’s when their popularity rose to as high as 3%. Your Honor, I have been following along with Mr. Bauer on Wikipedia. I question his mastery over German history.

Do you ever that sickly feeling,

That familiar sickly feeling?

You should see if it

Compares to


219 started the Carl’s Jr. trial, which has been a lot of dun to write. I was going to do the trial thing with a different idea, but I never got around to it, so Carl’s Jr. popped that cherry. Apparently, The Really Expensive Defense Attorney’s name is Mr. Schmidt, but I have no recollection of giving either names. I also got a kick out of my Final Thought.

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254 October 26

* And I’m sure it has nothing to do with 216

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