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Bloggaday 253 – SotW 22 pt 1

Bloggaday 253 – SotW 22 pt 1

Chuck: No, go ahead.

Tom: I think it would be good for you to do it. You NEED to do it.

Chuck: I haven’t done it since she left me though.

Tom: Don’t worry. It’s like riding a bike. Just start going and you’ll finish in no time. Especially since you haven’t done it in a while.

Chuck: You don’t do it THAT much… do you?

Tom: Every night that I hit the bar.

Chuck: Really?

Tom: Yeah. After a while, it doesn’t really mean that much. You just do it

Chuck: Well, I tried doing it by myself, just to do it.

Tom: How did it go?

Chuck: I didn’t finish.

Tom: Why not?

Chuck: I just feel weird doing it myself.

Tom: There’s no shame in it.

Chuck: I know, it’s just that…

Tom: Well, why don’t you just get back up on the saddle and just do it?

Chuck: Are you sure I’m ready?

Tom: Yep. Time to sac up an do it.

Chuck: Alright.

Tom: Ready?

Chuck: Just give me a sec. I need to build my nerve.

Tom: On your own time.

Chuck: Okay. Here we go. Hello, Bloggaday Reader, and welcome to part 2 of Song of the Week 21. I am your host, Chuck, and with me, as always, is Tom.

Tom: Hello, folks. How are you guys doing?

Paul: Guys, make it a short one today.

Chuck: Why?

Paul: Well, I recorded that whole little shpeal you guys had before the intro, so we’re already 250 words in.

Tom: Nice… It looks like your intro gunshiness made this Bloggaday a lot easier to do .

Chuck: Wait, why did you record that?

Paul: Because it was kind of funny

Chuck: That was personal.

Paul: It sounded a lot more personal than you think.

Chuck: What do you mean?

Paul: It kind of sounded like you were trying to get back into the dating world.

Tom: ? Wait… It does. Oh jeeze. I’m actually going to have to read this one.

Chuck: if it sounded like that, then I don’t want it going up.

Tom: Oh, man. I’m going back to that conversation… Did you get that part about him doing it alone by himself?

Paul: Yeah.

Chuck: Noo, no, no, no.

Tom: Oooo. Did you get that part where he was 25 the first time he did it?

Paul: Actually, no, I hadn’t started yet.

Tom: Ahh, man.

Chuck: Thank goo-

Tom: Oh, oh, oh. What about how he cried after the first time he did it.

Chuck: Wha-

Paul: No, I was a bit slow starting up.

Chuck: Come on! I never even said that.

Tom: It doesn’t really matter. We’re out of words,

Chuck: Well, we’re just come back Wednesday to finish this week’s Song of the Week then. You want to take us out, Tom?

Tom: Sure. Thank you, Bloggaday Readers for joining us again, this time for our 22nd SotW. I’m Tom.

Chuck: I’m Chuck.

Tom: And join us Wednesday for the conclusion. Have Muesday, everyone.

Chuck: Wait, what?

Tom: Monday and Tuesday. You know, since we won’t see them until Wednesday.

Chuck: You are a moron. A fu-

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SotW is another 2-parter, so part 2 will be Wednesday. Great “Song of the Week” today though, on Bloggaday

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