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Bloggaday 249 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 4

Bloggaday 249 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 4

“/disconjointed paragraph.

Paul paused, letting the silence drag between the two.

He turned for his wife and gave the faceplate a kiss. “I’ll be fine, honey. I’ll see you on the other side.” He thumbed the plastic the separated them before letting her go.

It billowed one last grasp for the werewolf, diffusing into nothing after only a step.

Today, Maroon 5, Jonathan Coulton, and AC/DC all moved into the same playlist. How will these VERY different performers handle being on the same iPod?

Find out this Fall, only on Bloggaday.

Check out you local internet providers for times

Part 10 of my zombie fiction is up and ready for your viewing horror (displeasure seemed too easy), only on Bloggaday”

I really liked this Bloggaday. I think it would translate REALLY well to the screen, especially the first third or so of it. I even liked the “Twitter tag” and “Listening to” (I think this was the first incarnation of three.) Oh, it’s Bloggaday 180, you should go read it. The tiny URL in the “Twitter Tag” will take you to it.

“It was a work in progress,`

` Or a WIP as all the cool`` kids call it

`` Hey, don’t laugh because I said cool kids. That’s just mean

and that worked… okay

That quite thoroughly sucked.”

After almost 3 months, I finally got around to posting part 2 of my faux guitar build in 181. It did get the nifty new “Craftspicable Me” tag which it wouldn’t have gotten if it was written and released before. Surprisingly, 3 months won’t be the longest stretch between part 1 and 2. I still have a part 2 I’ve written but haven’t released that’s a sequel to Bloggaday 133. ATM, I’m writing this at about 233, and I have no plans of immediate* release. One day it’ll come, but it’s kind of embarrassing and to justify it, I need to write a series of Bloggadays that I’ve been promising since nearly the beginning of the Bloggaday.

“I’ve got to say; it does look really good.

I just can’t pull it out.”

While you might not think that my first line here is very good, but when I go from complaining and bXtching for 350 straight words and then just blurt that out, it’s somewhat amusing. Now, if you want to see 350 words of emo-ness and then some upswing, then I would suggest 182 for you folks.

“Tom: Oh, well when your wife rolls, she likes having a posse, and when we stop down because she’s feeling a little chafed, we have to talk about something.”

I really liked this SotW. Definitely check out 183 if you are curious about the SotW or like the SotW. It has some Paul moments, banter, and of course, Tom says he’s sleeping with Chuck’s wife,** and somehow, I’m a part of the posse now too.

“In one month I go back to school, a magical place where ‘free time’ is a funny anecdote of days gone by

Yes, I know I’m odd.”

In 184, I continued talking about Craftspicable Me stuff. It was supposed to be focused the faux Katana I just made and subsequently broke, but I got a bit sidetracked on other Crafty stuff. It’s a good place to go for pictures and some info, but it’s not that good of a Bloggaday.

“Sorry about that. I also grabbed some breakfast… And some lunch >_>

When the body-shaped über condom spun around,

Homogenous, if you will. Science folks just love that shit.””

I started writing 185 (PWND) thinking I had content I could just copy/paste, but I didn’t, so I made a note of that in the Bloggaday and said I would be back. I came back, wrote the intro, left again, and then came back. I’m not sure why I had to comment about that in the post itself, but I did. I also made a change post-edit, but you can see that when I post the whole story

“6. WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Standing Outside the Fire – Garth Brooks (‘Cause the frying pan and fire are for suckers)

18. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? Somebody to Love Queen (Really, Little Queen, I don’t have a fear of intimacy)”

I got tagged on a note, so for 186 I answered 25 questions with the titles of songs that came up on my iTunes Shuffle. Some of them were rather amusing. The notes in parentheses are my own comments.

“The front paint job was a bit of a clustermuck.”

187 killed the last post I would do about my faux guitar.

“that puts the blame on me and not the task, so I’m not going to focus on that too much.”

188 kicked off the Caption Narrative Bloggadays. They act as a backup so when I don’t have a post ready, I can just slip one of those in. Once I start writing TAWR’s again, they’ll be the same thing. This particular post wasn’t anything special, I just liked the line I posted.

“I know a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, but I have no bird and I see no bush.”

From the second to last paragraph in 189, the first in a series of posts that almost didn’t get posted AND that caught me up from being a week behind. The paragraph was funny, but highly inappropriate, so if you want to read it, you just have to go there.

Listening to

Don’t Look Now by the Far East Movement

Twitter Tag

The HORROR! The children, won’t someone think of the children! The Second Great Trigady continues, only on Bloggaday

Exit stage right to my corner of the interweb > \/ Plaster Caster Twitter Strutter Hung My Head in a Tumblr A Little Less Conversation and a Whole Lotta Love If I Never See Your Face Again

Youtube Awesomeness Still deciding to try to capture it or let it slip

For the Piccaday Says I broke it twice, I must have done it half a dozen times Because Yesterdays ain’t got nothing on me From the nest in the hills chillin’ with Flynt

New to the Bloggaday? These are the essential posts to see

1 The basics

3 Get PWND with story content

73 Mash-up of science and relatable humor? It’s just Bloggaday

85 Deadpan humor and drama, what more can you want?

118 Maybe some practical real world advice drowned in humor.

137 My new favorite segments, the Sotw and PoM with Tom and Chuck

249 October 21

* It’s actually Impending***

** I’m not sure how the whole “Tom’s sleeping with Chuck’s wife” thing began, but it’s an amusing little subplot to the SotW

*** When I started getting a pile of Word docs of ideas for future Bloggadays on my desktop, I created a folder for them. Then that got full, so I created another one labeled Immediate Bloggadays. That one got full, so I created another one (Imminent Bloggadays), and now I’m on yet another folder called Impending Bloggadays. I’m running out of “I” words for these folders though.

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