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Bloggaday 226 – 3 Events and a Minor Family Reunion pt 2

Bloggaday 226 – 3 Events and a Minor Family Reunion pt 2

Blarg! I have too many dim* multi-post Bloggadays up in the ethers. Luckily, this will cap off Bloggaday 221 – 3 Events and a Minor Family Reunion at I still have that second train of thought set of Bloggadays which would be lucky to be halfway done at 4 posts so far. I also have one or two more posts left of the Communism/Carl’s Jr. thing I was doing.

But enough of that nonsense. On the last 3 events and a minor family reunion Bloggaday, I left you with two of the three things I wanted to do over the weekend, but didn’t get to. I promptly cliff hangered you all on the last thing. Well, on top of telling you about it, I’ve got a little something extra that I’ve done to hopefully ensure my ability to get to it in the future.

So, on top of wanting to go meet the fine folks of the Riverside Kitten _____ Anime Group and attending my psych club meeting, I wanted to go see Rock Sugar.

Again, it was a bit of a drive since they’re the house band at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. It wasn’t much of a deterrent, but I somehow still managed to not head out there for it.

The depressing thing is that it may have been their last performance at the House of Blue, at least as their house band for the time being. I was a post from the band that said their contract was up, and they wanted their fans to send emails to the band lady there at the House of Blues in support of a little Rock Sugar.

What else is a fan to do?

Rock Sugar at the House of Blues email

Hello Miss Rummell,

My name is David and I’m writing you about your house band, Rock Sugar. It’s come to my attention that their contract is nearly up. I was rather shocked. I have wanted to go to their show at the House of Blues, but I have had an extremely busy summer**, and I haven’t had a chance to get out to Hollywood yet.

While I may not be able to sway your decision of keeping the band, personally, I would be disappointed if I missed the chance to see Rock Sugar at your establishment. I just hope that the House of Blues and Rock Sugar can keep their partnership, and I still get a chance to see them there.

Thank you for your time reading this and affording Southern California the pleasure to see Rock Sugar at the House of Blues.

Best Regards,

David Dysart

So that was the third things that I wanted and subsequently failed to do a week or two ago.

For my Final Thought Tonight,

I just want to know one thing, ‘tis all

How can you miss tomorrow’s Bloggaday?

Especially when such lines will be there like this?

It cocked its head with a depraved smile as slick teeth glistened.

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Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

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226 September 28

* I started typing the alternative…

** And by extremely busy summer, I of course mean lazy.

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