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Bloggaday 251 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 6

Bloggaday 251 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 6

“As I said yesterday, the stank is about to hit the fan`

And it has nothing to do with zombies. I’m talking a throw-down between a vampire and a werewolf who have been infected`` with the zombie virus

`` Or should I say reinfected?```

``` Muahahahahaha````

```` It’s good to be the author”

200 was basically just me informing the Bloggaday readers about the new once-a-week release schedule I was moving to. I did like the ending of the post though.

“And so it was. Social media fell upon the uses of self-advertisement and promotion.

Ironic tweet is ironic, but only on Bloggaday”

I talked about following practices on twitter as well as some folks I follow. So, I suppose if you’re looking for some good folks to follow, you should read “Bloggaday 201 – Twits Following Twits.” Hmm, I probably should have capitalized Twitter a couple of lines ago.

The Sand Canyon Review

Consumer Product

FOLLOW US! I mean, if you would be so kind to follow our student-run art and literary magazine, we would be both ecstatic and grateful. We’re going to get our issues up on facebook and photobucket, so you will actually be able to read our previous issues! Oops, that was my outside text sorry. We’re going social media this year. Ooo, major restraint not to put an exclamation point on that one.

Law Offices of Keith Dysart

I know when I’m in Santa Cruz and need legal advice, I go to the Law offices of Keith Dysart… You should too… Because he’s awesome… and a legalee… Don’t worry, he wont used made up words like legalee.

Didn’t think it could be more boring than yesterday’s Twitter post? Enjoy being wrong, only on Bloggaday”

To follow up my brilliance about twitter, I decided to talk about my “like” boxes on facebook >.>… Wow, that sentence would make absolutely no sense to someone who wasn’t familiar with Twitter or Facebook. If you are fluent in both, you can check it out though. It was Bloggaday 202. Dang it. I failed to capitalize Twitter again.

Jake Bible's Wasteland


Am I a deader? A zealot? Am I a cult member? Perhaps a disciple or a stomper or even a shondaleer. I don’t know what his fans call themselves, but I am one. He put out the first “drabble novel” where everything is written at 100 words at a time before there’s a cut. It makes for a good pace when you have zombies in giant, 3-story battle mechs, and don’t get me started on stomper. Free as a podcast.

Pt 2 & more boringness from a possibly suggestive title, only on Bloggaday”

As that last pat suggests, this all came from part 2 of the Like Box pair of Bloggadays, this one being 203. More boringness*, but if you’re looking for things to like, then you can check it out.

“Chuck: That address was already taken, so I did this…

Tom: Ooo…

Chuck: What?

Tom: Someone got some really odd emails…

Chuck: What would you have sent me?

Tom: Just a little prank virus that involved a photoshopped version of your wife in a situation that will probably land me in jail if someone under the age of 18 happens to have your email address.

Tom: Don’t you read the show?

David: Honestly? Not really. If I didn’t like it, then I would have to fire you guys and I would lose my day off.

Tom: And remember, you heard it here first, Bloggaday Readers. “F**K YOU” all the way!”

Okay… 204 was a pretty decent SotW (15). I make the requisite joke about Chuck’s wife, somebody is called a douche, and some feelings get hurt. I don’t know if it’s QUITE favorite Bloggaday material, but it’s definitely close. I would definitely suggest reading it

“The wall peeled back to a darkness filled only with a deep choir of moans.

Pt 13 of zombie fiction is up and as promised, the fan blades have started making sh!tcrisps, only on Bloggaday”

Not awesome-line heavy, but stuff turned QUICK on part 13. I mean stuff broke bad and QUICK. I think I’m just going to capslock QUICK from now on. There were plenty of sh!crisps all over the place.

“Awww, my sheath is happy to see you.

Make no mistake. Bloggaday is coming. With all its glory… And all its horror

Dynamic Entrance. BAM! The sword in the sheath.

207 was the first “Caption Narrative” where I posted the comments I made for my various Craftspicable Me’s. If you want to see the correlating pictures, you’ll just have to go to the post or find them at

I also Final Thoughted a special Bloggaday coming up.

“The kaka is built to hold the sword on one level and the sheath on the other. Since I don't plan on showcasing the broken blade, I suppose I need to made another sword ^.^

The final product with the kake on my desk. Like I said, I'm not going to keep the broken blade on it, so I have to make myself a new. Aw, shucks.

208 is part 2 of the Caption Narrative from above. Nothing much, just some convincing notes saying I’ll make another one (which I did)

“Cause the TV’s on inside

Wish there was somewhere to read

Cause I just don’t want

To close the cover

Cause you are my Naruto Manga

Live shows don’t matter

So I don’t watch them

Just give me anime

And of course manga

It’s a matter of personal preference

My first 21-year-old manga love affair

Eh eh eh, eh eh, eh eheh eh aay (hand signs)

I’ll bend your ear about my 21-year-old manga love affair, only on the Bloggaday

Bloggaday 209 had a lot of Bloggaday build-up. Which is kind of funny considering the fact that it was a last-minute throw-together. That also leads it to being a little mediocre and not perfect. I’ve also never done that before. /also any other things that I can say to deflect disappointment after reading it. All in all, I liked doing it and think the end result came out pretty good. If you want to read the whole thing, go to 209 or just use that tiny url with the twitter tag.

Listening to

Everyday by Buddy Holly

Twitter Tag

We just hit peak-clipshow of The Second Great Trigady, only on Bloggaday

Exit stage right to my corner of the interweb > \/ Plaster Caster Twitter Strutter Hung My Head in a Tumblr A Little Less Conversation and a Whole Lotta Love If I Never See Your Face Again

Youtube Awesomeness Still deciding to try to capture it or let it slip

For the Piccaday Says I broke it twice, I must have done it half a dozen times Because Yesterdays ain’t got nothing on me From the nest in the hills chillin’ with Flynt

New to the Bloggaday? These are the essential posts to see

1 The basics

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85 Deadpan humor and drama, what more can you want?

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137 My new favorite segments, the Sotw and PoM with Tom and Chuck

251 October 23

*Also as the last bit suggests

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