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Bloggaday 261 – Rock Wall: 2 David: 1 pt 2

Bloggaday 261 – Rock Wall: 2 David: 1 pt 2

The employees were busy but the club’s el Capitan anchored* me as I scaled the novice “purple” section. A little before halfway up, I got a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure if I was expected to climb back down or if I could just repel down. I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem for my anchor, but I’m not a small guy (a bit shy of 6’2” and 185 soaking wet), and I didn’t know how experienced he was at doing this. Well, he assured me that I don’t have to climb down, which is good since I’m not sure I could have done that from even the spot I was at. So I continued up, made the top and came down.

WOOHOO! In yo face rock walls everywhere.

After a while, I went up again. I was much faster this time. I had watched a couple of other folks, and there didn’t seem to be a problem if they fell, so I had much more peace of mind. I did go a little too fast** and reckless at points and had some problems, but it was a much better showing than the first time.

Unfortunately, as I repelled down this time, I looked down. Now, I did this the first time and there weren’t any problems. This time though, I turned into the rope. It was going up and I was going down. Now, had I headbutted it, it probably wouldn’t have been a problem. That’s not what happened though. I turned and the rope caught my eye. It wasn’t too bad. It got my actual eyeball, but I think the skin just outside of it got the brunt of the rope burn.

So, that wasn’t much fun, but meah. After another while, I tried for my third attempt of the night and only made it about halfway up. I had big leg push to get to the next handhold and couldn’t do it, so I fell. Two and a half times seems to be pretty decent though considering my epic failures before.

But I suppose you may wonder what has changed since my previous attempts. While I imagine I’m in a bit better shape now, I’m also not a huge fan of heights though. Let’s start with the strength though.

I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of months now, so I’m sure that helped. I’ve also been hitting the gym since classes started up in late September. It’s pretty much been one continuous ache the last few weeks. Though I am glad climbing doesn’t take that much chest strength since those particular muscles were still dead from the gym the day before. They’re a bit better now, but my chest is still a bit sore. My legs were also uncharacteristically unsore for the climb, so that was also a huge relief as they were sore the day before during yoga. So, while I’m not going to be trying out for any football teams or anything, I’m not in terrible shape.

As for the heights… I definitely felt it at that point I described early, where I wasn’t sure if I had to climb down. I wasn’t THAT high, but if I were to just fall from that height, it wouldn’t be good. Then I felt it a bit at the to, and I looked down to tell him I was coming down.

It’s all good though. I definitely plan on joining them next week after the club again, and as long as there are employees there when I go to the gym Monday, I’m going again. I should be good to go by then and not as sore. At the moment, I’m feeling it in my shins and forearms.

Well, I was a bit light yesterday, but this is over 1,000 words for both days. So… the end???

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