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Bloggaday 239 – SotW 20

Bloggaday 239 – SotW 20

Chuck: …

Tom: ?

Chuck: …

Tom: Chuck?

Chuck: Yeah?

Tom: Do you want to give the intro?

Chuck: Not really.

Tom: What’s wrong?

Chuck: Have you ever wondered if life is just a dream?

Tom: Are we really at that point?

Chuck: What point?

Tom: The point where a fictional show kinda breaks the fourth wall and starts wondering if their written world is just as it really is.

Chuck: I suppose so then.

Tom: We should probably just get into the intro for SotW 20.

Chuck: Okay.

Tom: …

Chuck: Hello, Bloggaday Readers, and welcome to the 20th Song of the Week. My name is Chuck and with me here, as always, is Tom.

Tom: How’s it going, folks?

Chuck: Well… What has the music field been like this week, Tom?

Tom: Well, the Apple music saga continues this week with three and a half new songs.

Chuck: What’s that you say? Three and a half new songs?

Tom: That’s right, Chuck. Three AND a half new songs.

Chuck: Why don’t you tell us about it?

Tom: Son of a… Hmm. I’d be happy to. I was able to rehearse on your wife last night.

Chuck: That’s nice.

Tom: But to make just like last night, can you yell out “faster!” every once and a while?

Chuck: Okay…

Tom: Well… Okay then. First off, we have “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, “Around the Bend” by The Asteroids Galax-


Tom: … Thanks, Paul. Good looking out there.

Tom: By the Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Paul: Your welcome, Tom.

Tom: Uh, next… “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by The Ting Tings. And the half a song is “Never Stop” by Chilly Garcia.

Chuck: …

Tom: Hckhm

Chuck: Oh, sorry. Why only half a song?

Tom: Well, for anyone who has seen the Apple commercials, “Never Stop” is on a lot of them. It’s the little piano bit.

Chuck: …

Tom: What’s that, Chuck? You’re still wondering why only half? Well, the song itself is terrible, but that piano bit is brilliant, so only the first 37 seconds is up on the Bloggaday’s official iTunes.

Chuck: …

Tom: Why, yes, Chuck, there was a lot of competition, but there was still a clear winner.

Chuck: …

Tom: And who was that winner, you ask? Well, it was…

Paul: dudududududdududududu

Tom: “Shut Up and Let Me Go”


The Ting Tings

Chuck: …

Tom: Yes, Chuck, that is exciting news for the band.

Chuck: …

Tom: And yes, the video for the song was really cool. Very stylized.

Chuck: …

Tom: Yeah, you’re right, Chuck. It probably is time to wrap this post up.

Chuck: …

Tom: What? You want me close it out? Thanks, Chuck

Chuck: …

Tom: Well, Bloggaday Readers, thank you for reading another edition of SotW. I’m Tom and with me is Chuck. Have a great week everybody.

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