Monday, October 11, 2010

Bloggaday 233 – 233?

Bloggaday 233 – 233?

I was going to post part 5 of my train of thought Bloggadays (214-217), but then I saw that this was 233 TWOTHIRTYTHREE!. Not only is that my locker number, but 322 THREETWENTYTWO! was the campsite I was staying at up in Pismo over the weekend, so I figured I would talk a little bit about those two things since this is Bloggaday 233 TWOTHIRTYTHREE*

Aside from my monthly yoga at Breathe Redlands Yoga Studio and my own home routine, I’ve started taking a Yoga class at CSUSB. It’s three times a week, and when I’m not sore, I go to the gym afterwards.

It’s weird though. The yoga classes aren’t much of a workout. It’s an hour long, but I can get more of a sweat going at home in twenty minutes than what we do at class. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed the first couple of weeks. It’s just more focused on breathing, stretching, and meditative processes. I’ve stopped taking my towel to class because I have yet to sweat during a session**. I’m guessing as we go deeper into the class, we’ll get more intense. It’s just weird.

I will take some stuff away from my new yoga classes. I didn’t really know anything about breathing (when to breathe in and when to breathe out), so I’ll definitely try to bring that over my other practices. She has also showed us some good stretching poses and counter poses, but I’m not sure how often I’ll do them on my own. I usually try to keep them lean and mean because it’s usually a “Hey, I’m going to do some yoga before I go to bed,” and I don’t block off an hour and a half off to do a thorough yoga bit.

Son of a… I didn’t want to talk about the yoga class.

More to the point… To accommodate going to yoga and the gym, I had to get a locker down in the men’s locker room. At first I thought you basically checked it out daily, but as it turns out, the locker is yours for the quarter. So I ended up with locker number 233.*** Boring, yes, but then I went up to Pismo to go camping,**** and our site was 322. Close, but no cigar except people kept mixing up if it was 322 or 233. Add in the fact that it all came just days before Bloggaday 233 and you have 500 words of fluff to get a Bloggaday out of it.

For my Final 233,

I just want to 233 about

The next Bloggaday po233

It’s a the second to last 233 of

My zombie fic2333333333333333

Part 17 of 18 is going up tomorrow 233

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Apple commercial music (See SotW 19)

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* Most people probably would have copy/pasted TWOTHIRTYTHREE from the first one, but I didn’t. I typed out each TWOTHIRTYTHREE for Bloggaday TWOTHIRTYTHREE.***** I didn’t even hit Capslock for it I held down shift when I was typing out TWOTHIRTYTWO.****** That’s dedication to the Bloggaday art

** Though showing up on time would help, but more on that in a later Bloggaday

***We go to the locker room and pick a locker out that’s not being used.

**** yay for a 5-hour drive Friday and 5-hour drive on Sunday to come back

*****I copy/pasted this one

****** I typed this one out too. Shift, not Capslock.

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