Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bloggaday 248 – SotW 21: Break Anotha pt 2

Bloggaday 248 – SotW 21: Break Anotha pt 2

Tom: Hello yet again from myself and Chuck. We welcome you to part 2 of this week’s edition of SotW.

Chuck: You know, it should have been “Chuck and myself,” right?

Tom: How about next time, I just say “Tom and Chuck?”

Chuck: Hey, I’m jus-

Tom: Or even, how about you do it, since, you it is your job after all.

Chuck: Fine, whatever. Should we just get to the Song of the Week? We have to finish it today. The next week is booked up with the clipshow.

Tom: You mean The Second Great Trigady?

Chuck: Yes, yes, yes. The awesome rekindling of the magic that is the Bloggaday. Seriously, can we just get this over with?

Tom: Okay… This week, the Bloggaday took a break from Apple songs and picked up 3 songs from around the world.

Chuck: And those songs would be?

Tom: Well, with a recommendation from Mike Schmidt, the 40 Year Old Boy, the first song is “Flagpole Sitta” By Harvey Danger.

Chuck: And the second song?

Tom: Well, with long-standing line-ties with Bloggaday Author, David Dysart, Buddy Holly’s “Everyday”

Chuck: And to keep this going faster than a roller coaster, the fourth song?

Tom: Well, it’s American Idol loser, Black Lewis’s “Break Anotha”

Chuck: And the winner is?

Tom: Wow, Chuck, this is getting kind of depressing.

Chuck: I’m sorry I can’t be my normal, chipper self.

Tom: It’s not that. You’re kind of sucking as a host, so now I have to pick up the slack.

Chuck: You mean you don’t want to just end early?

Tom: I do, but there can only be one sucky host at a time, and you’re an anchor and a half of suck poured into one man, so now I can’t slack off.

Chuck: We’re already at 300 words. If we start winding down now, I don’t think it’ll be that big of a problem.

Tom: Alright. Well, the song walking away with this week’s SotW is

Paul: dududududududdududududu

Tom: “Break Anotha”


Blake Lewis

Chuck: Yay…

Tom: … Well, this week coming up looking kind of rough. It’s already Wednesday and we don’t have any new songs to step up and take next week’s spot as the SotW.

Chuck: So does that mean we have next week off?

Tom: You’re killing me, Chuck. I’d love to just say yes, but we have three old bands that are starting to step up and grab a little bit of nostalgic glory and reign supreme on the Bloggaday music landscape.

Chuck: 430 words…

Tom: Yes, well, those bands are Poison, Metallica, and Green Day. URL in Monday to find out which one, if any, of these are able to snag and SotW victory. Until then, I’m Tom.

Chuck: I’m Chuck.

Tom: And we thank you for reading SotW 21. Have a great half-a-week everybody.

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