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Bloggaday 230 – SotW 19 Short Skirt Long Jacket pt1

Bloggaday 230 – SotW 19 Short Skirt Long Jacket pt1

Chuck: Hello yet again, Bloggaday Readers, to this, the 19th edition of the Song of the Week

Tom: Wow, Tom, I can’t believe we’ve already done almost 20 SotW’s together.

Chuck: I know, time sure does fly.

Tom: Oh, I’m sorry, I meant I can’t believe it’s only been that many. I swear, you can suck the life and joy out of anything. At least your wife’s sucking involves a golf ball and a garden hose.

Chuck: Ha! My wife doesn’t do that kind of stuff, so I KNOW you’re lying.

Tom: That’s nothing to brag about, man. Really, it’s not.

Chuck: Don’t worry, she does. I just wanted you to admit that you don’t really know.

Tom: Oh, I know first hand. I just didn’t want to rub it in your nose that I was getting special treatment.

Chuck: How many more weeks do I have to do this with you?

Tom: You know what? I think it’s only like 18 or 19 more weeks.

Chuck: Jeeze, that’s still way too long.

Tom: But remember, if the Bloggaday get’s picked up for another year, then we get another 52 weeks together

Chuck: Yeah, but there’s NO way the Bloggaday makes it past one year… right?

Tom: Who knows? The Bloggaday could very well get picked back up.

Chuck: That’s just too depressing to think about right now. Should we just get to the Song of the Week now?

Tom: That’s fine with me. You’re the one who started us down that little tangent.

Chuck: I know.

Tom: And then that whole thing with your wife’s activities in the bedroom… I know I would be pissed off if some went on about me like that.

Chuck: But I didn’t even start talking about that one.

Tom: Yeah, but you still joined in and prolonged what was just going to be a funny one-liner.

Chuck: /Sigh. Didn’t you say last week something about Apple music or something?

Tom: Ah, that I did. At the beginning of the week, the Bloggaday playlist got a few new additions. The songs from the last 3 ipod ads got added and vied for the coveted SotW spot.

Chuck: Unfortunately, I’m not as hipster as you, so telling me that it’s the last three iAd songs, doesn’t really mean much to me.

Tom: Wow, snippy much?

Chuck: …

Tom: We’re running short on words, should we just make this a two-parter and stop here?

Chuck: I guess… You don’t think we can finish now?

Tom: To be honest, I’m supposed to read off the three songs, but I have no idea what they were. I can probably put them on a list or something from next time.

Chuck: Okay. From all of us here at the Song of the Week, we hope you join us tomorrow for the exciting

Tom: /cough excruciating /couch.

Chuck: Okay then. Join us for the conclusion of this week’s Song of the Week.

It seems that thing tend to spiral out of control

But it often comes at time when spiraling

Is a necessity for survival at the time

At least that’s how I would say it

At least for this, thee 19th SotW

But it’s just a Final Thought

Listening to

Myself wondering if “Short Skirt Long Jacket” Cake is the same as the “War Pigs” Cake cover

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