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Bloggaday 244 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 1

Bloggaday 244 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 1

Back in Bloggaday 122 and 123, I started something called the “Trigadty.” It’s just where I go back through my Bloggaday posts over the last 122 posts and bring you snidbits of the best of them. Along with the quotes, I’ll make my comments on them. When I get to about 500 words of those comments, I’ll stop the post and pick up next time. That’s why these posts are considerably longer than my usual ones.

I will say, I have a lot of content to post and with the weekly segments still being posted, the 2nd Great Trigady will run for over a week.


“Happy happy Father’s Day, from all of us you.

Happy happy Father’s Day… Wait, I think I might have messed that up.

Who decided to put Father’s day on a Sunday and not even have it during football season?”

From the Father’s day special on Bloggaday 126

““Ah man!” the boy complained. “Do you know how much work I did to get that ball? I literally spent all afternoon in a coffin!”

The man leaned against his cane and looked back at the church. “I doubt it was as much work as I did.”

The boy rested on his thighs as he finally began breathing. “That was some creepy stuff, man. I thought I would suffocate. I had to face my own mortality. Do you know how traumatizing that is for an eight year old, man?””

An exchange between Alec Hardison and Nathan Ford from my Leverage fanfic, The Funeral Job in Bloggaday 128. It is part 3, so if you go back, you’ll want to read the other. The link are at the bottom of the 128 page.

“and I’ve got to say, I was surprised how good it smelled. It kind of smelled like lemon pledge, just not as cleanery. So I liked it quite a bit. Unfortunately, that’s where my joy with the Ginger kind ended.”

From Bloggaday 130. I will say though, the above quote isn’t exactly a “”. Originally, the Ginger was ginger. It just amused me capitalized and out of context. There was another funny line in it, but I wanted to keep it limited to that line.

“` Weaksauce”

From 131, the Bloggaday about “The Six Figure Contract.” Both the Bloggaday and the “Weaksauce” bit.

“Woo, this is a short one. Less than 200 words”

I said this to close out 132 – Cooler Than Me. You think every time it’s applicable.

“Chuck: Good one there, Tom.

Tom: I really do try.

Chuck: You could have fooled me.

Tom: This exchanged has been a reenactment between Chuck and his wife last night.

Chuck: A little too close to home there, Tom.

Tom: Perhaps we should get off of your wife then.

Chuck: Are you settin

Tom: That exchange came from Chuck’s wife, Chuck’s milkman, and myself the night before last.

Chuck: …

Tom: What? Just a few f#@ks and a s#!t or two.”

From my weekly SotW segment. This particular exchange came from 133. I would have added the couple of line before, but it was a throwback to the week before, so this is good.*

“You didn’t have to just stick your head in there. You could have come all the way in.”

From Bloggaday 134 – That’s What She Said pt1, so you can guess what the next line in the post was. I haven’t released part 2 yet.

“* I really hope”

From my first monthly fitness report, Bloggaday 135. It kind of showcases that despite a lack of anything to footnote, I still do it.

“Christmas zombies to help charity

I really want to help those little foster children out.”

From Bloggaday 136 – PWND: The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular. It was part 1 and kicked off 4 Bloggadays of story content in 1 week. There was another funny line, but it seemed inappropriate after talking about helping foster children.

“Tom: Yeah, it’s kind of what we do, and you know what? We do what we do.

Phone: Ring Ring Ring

Chuck: Come one, Tom. I’m doing the outro. Can’t you turn your phone off?

Tom: Go on.

Chuck: Thank you following us. For daily Bloggadays, you can go to

Tom: Oh, hey, Honey. So what are you wearing?

Chuck: What, did you get a new girlfriend, Tom?

Tom: Yeah, It’s your wife”

Alright. Bloggaday 137 was just an awesome post. It was the first time Tom and Chuck tried doing the Podcaster of the Month. One of my favorite posts I’ve done. I would have put several more lines into this clipshow, but I already had too much

“Chuck: You took the words right out of my mouth. Or should I say script…

Tom: Either way.”

You know what? I love my SotW’s. I wanted to post the last half of the Bloggaday, but you’ll have to settle for a link Technically, this came from part 2 of the Performer of the Month, but I still like them.

“Things be startin towards excitement

“My wife and I are thinking about a remodel. Could I get your card?”

“Sure,” Paul said, draining the cup before dropping it to the table. “I’ll be sure to give you the first cousin price,” he continued jamming his mitt into his pocket. As he retrieved the wallet, the glass in the living room shattered.

The pair looked back to the game as a body flew from the window and tackled the pantomime to the ground. The newcomer flipped the man over and started tearing at his stomach.

The two returned to their conversation as Henric said, “What would be the best time to call? Or should I email you?”

“You know what? I’ll write my home phone and email on here. Whatever works for you.”

Paul pulled a pen from his shirt pocket as the man from the living room finally broke his silence, “Ahh, those are my intestines! What is he doing to my intestines?”

After scribbling on the card, he fanned it once and gave it to the man.

The brute punted the savage and sent him into the couch. He leaned into the couch and tried for another kick, but the ravenous little man squirmed away and shot for the twitching body treading in its own blood.

Paul stepped over the twitcher on the ground and landed a blow on the temple of the assailant. His head snapped back, a chunk of bone impaling a spewing eyeball. “Fuck,” Paul said, recoiling for a moment. He tried a few body shots, but the thing continued to snap at him.

“Ohho,” a voice came from the floor. “I can see my lunch coming out of my intestines! Somebody push it back in. Please!””

I know this was a long clip, but I tried capturing the essence of the story. This is, of course, Bloggaday 139, part 2 of the Charity zombie story I was writing.

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