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Bloggaday 245 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 2

Bloggaday 245 – The 2nd Great Trigady (Clipshow 2) pt 2

“Tom: Yes folks, we still have our jobs after the fiasco of and

Chuck: Wow, Tom, that’s the longest line you’ve ever had here on the Bloggaday.

Tom: I know, it was quite the mouthful.”

This wasn’t the funniest part of the Bloggaday, but I would have had to of pasted the last half of it for the second bit o’ hilarity. The verbal implication of the pasted section amused me though. For the rest of it, you can go here ->

“Karma ain’t afraid to tag up and go handicap on your ass.

It has a tendency of joining up with long-time partners Yin and Yang to bend folks over the railing to keep the status quo.”

From Bloggaday 142 – The Karma Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Non-Denominational Party Spectacular , a bit of a journal Bloggaday.

““Don’t worry about it,” seduction came from a pair of clicking high heels. She clapped the phone close and slipped it into a bag before slinging it over her shoulder. “Sounds like they are rather busy though.”

“Melinda,” Sandra said with a nod to hide the sliver of contempt on her face.

As Paul stooped down and picked up the limp man, he said, “You know what, that’s okay. We’ll actually be quicker if we just take him.” He adjusted his hold, trying to funnel his organs back in. “Honey, can you scoop his… I think that’s his appendix back into his… hole?” he shrugged.

The group started, but Henric tumbled through the shattered window with three of the raving men hanging off of him. The man bared his teeth at the trio, the blinding white growing into fangs. He dug his fingers into one of their throats and tore out the flesh, but the rager still bit at Henric.

“Look it there, Honey. They’re vampires,” Paul said, throwing Steve to her. As she caught the bleeding man, he finished, “I kinda figured as much.” The big man’s shirt stretched even tighter around his bulky frame as his shaggy hair began to grow.

One of the strangers grabbed a hold of Henric’s shoulders and went in, jaws gnashing on his own tongue.

Paul scooped down and palmed the stranger on Henric’s back. He yanked him off and sent him headfirst into the wall. A deeply muttled voice came from behind his own growing fangs, “Damn, I missed the stud.”

As the walled man flailed, Paul planted a boot to his exposed shoulders and stepped down, shearing the body from the hole.

Henric continued clawing at the throat of the man he pinned and cleaved handful after handful of skin, muscle, and flesh. He finally wrapped a hand around something in the gore and pulled. A moment passed before wet snap came from the base of the skull and he pulled free a few vertebrae.”

Yeah, sorry, I know, way too long, but I liked the ending. One thing that does bug me though, is the fact that I used “wet snap” twice in this story. They weren’t that close together, but it still bugs me. Bloggaday 145, again my Holiday Zombie story.

“Ohhhh busy day busy. But do you know what that means? The dreaded journal entry Bloggaday. Most can’t remember the horrors of the last time this happened. It has only been twisted into little fairy tales used to scare the little ones to drink their milk, eat their veggies, and go to bed on time.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the casino. I went with my dad who gave me $100 in seed money. I got into a 3/6 kill pot table and, how do I say this without sounding like a douchebag? I friggin dominated those poka players. PWND those newbs. No, this is the first time I have thought about it terms like that. I was a graceful winner. I sat down with $70 and left with over $260 so I gave him his $100 back and still walked away up $160. So I turned the 70 into an additional $190 of profit. Yep, I’m pimp like that.”

I need to start doing more of that first paragraph there. I’ve done it a few times like with the acidophilus milk Bloggaday. From Bloggaday 146 – The Return of the Journal Bloggaday

“Chuck: Wow, Tom. I’m impressed. You never show this kind of work ethic.

Tom: Well, Chuck, I’ve got a hot date after this.

Chuck: Let me guess, my wife?

Tom: Chuck, I’m hurt. To think that I would betray our working relationship by taking your wife out tonight.

Chuck: I’m sorry, Tom. I just…

Tom: I’m waiting until Saturday when you go out of town.


The joke continues at It was funny. You should go read it.

Shamalamadingdong… Shamallama… Shaman… Shamamin… Shattahoochee… Shadowlottacon… Shalaharem

apparently when you play in an overrated vampire movie, you sign a contract where you can’t actually “act” in another movie.”

I don’t think I spelled M. Night’s name right. I tried to a bunch of time, though. This was actually my first movie review, Bloggaday 149 – A Review of Probably “The Last Airbender” Movie. I wanted to swing back around to the writing after I decided to spring off into another casting paragraph, but it would have sent it into a second post.

““I was actually quite the enchantress prodigy don’t you know, but once I met Paul here, well you know what they say, once you canine, you’ll be doin’ fine.””

From Melinda, a werewolf character in my zombie fiction, The Supernatural Handicap Battle Royal of the Century Christmas Party Spectacular. This was from part 5, Bloggaday 150.

“Wristwatches? We don’t need no stinkin’ wristwatches! That is, as long as it’s the Bloggaday”

The twitter tag to an otherwise uneventful Bloggaday 151 about pocket watches.

“As my shameless pilfering of the Dale Camegie book* suggests, I suppose I’m walking on the border of legality. Now, let’s begin, but remember, shhh, we’re hustling free music.

Rock out with your over-clock out.”

From Bloggaday 152, this one tells you how to take audio from things like Youtube. This is, of course, so you can create ringtones. After all, I do not condone using this method to get free music.

“Okay, I’m going to shut up now.”

I kind of over-extended myself in breaking up Bloggaday 153 into two separate posts, but then I couldn’t shut up and it ended up being 800 words. I’m still trying to decide if going over my word count lately is a good thing because I’m able to generate content more easily or if it’s a bad thing since I’m failing to stay within boundaries I’ve set for myself.

“Chuck: That’s my wife, and the girl in the middle is you.

Tom: Oops, I messed that photoshop up.

Twitter Tag

Sotw 8 is up and still running with scissors… err, the same joke. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a wife”

Continuing the running joke thst Chuck’s wife is cheating on him… hard. This one came from Bloggaday 155 – SotW 8

“Initially, I was going to end it shortly after the zombies were eating the baby Jesus*

I will say though, things are about to get real, and when I say real, I mean really real, stuff’s about to hit the fan real.

He pointed to a towering Brownstone that stood as only one among the mansions that surrounded it.”

Because, you can’t end a story on eating the baby Jesus. I’m wishing I would have changed the ending of that second sentence a little bit though. Something more like “stuff’s about to hit the real and throw little corn-filled chunks of real all around the room.” The last line was from the actual story content of Bloggaday 157, and I just liked it. I wonder if the houses were sleepless?**

“I’ve been wearing boxers for many, many years. I’m not a fan of the brief, legal or otherwise. I do own like two pairs of boxer briefs, but they don’t see that much action. I mean they’re good if I’m wearing a snug pair of jeans or something, but I don’t like them that much. Unless I’m wearing something that requires precise packaging, I just wont wear them. Granted, Genital Constriction is an unbelievably awesome punk-metal band name, but when it comes to the physical application, I think I’ll pass.

You know what though, I should take a moment to reconsider my words. After all, if I ever married a Carradine, then I kind of have to be into it, don’t I?

I know it’s long but I really ended up liking this one. It’s from Bloggaday 158 – Boxer V Brief.

“…these were seasoned, parmesan cheesed crescents of ecstasy. That’s right, crescents of ecstasy. Have you ever had them? I thought so. Now shut your yap, ‘cause after all, I can’t actually hear you, so you kinda look like a dumb@$$ talking to your screen there. What’s that? The cute passenger in the aisle seat saw you talking to the screen? He/She’s chuckling/giggling isn’t he/she? Wait, he/she’s not a “heshe” is he/she? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wait, what was I talking about?

That’s right, Phthalates-filled Sbarro Breadsticks”

Bloggaday 159, I was highly amused with myself, and I thought myself rather clever. Pretty good through-and-through. One of favorites.

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Everyday By Buddy Holly

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245 October 17

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