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Bloggaday 318 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 5

Bloggaday 318 – SPF PWND: Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 5

By David “Quasi-Random Tones” Dysart


So I turned in my paper on ze due date.* Unfortunately, we were supposed to turn our “observation notes” in as well. I’m sitting in class, looking at the stack of papers when I started thinking, “Wow, those are some thick papers. That seems kin- Oh sheeznit. I was supposed to add my notes to that!”

The agony in my inner monologue was so great that even my teacher noticed and asked what was wrong. Well, yada yada yada, I’m turning my notes in on Monday.

Whew, anyways, Have you met Jackie?

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By now, the surges of busyness ride the room. One minute a section will be busy, and the next minute, dead. The cycle continues as old students leave and new students enter, freshly recruited from classes relieved by teachers, not bells. While there are still several groups of students loitering about the building, the great seat at the center of the room is opening new vacancies every minute. Amongst the filling emptiness that is engulfing the unusual couch, a woman fulfills her true slothful nature as the last remaining Student of the Roundseat. Utterly removed from the room, “Jackie” sits in her own world. She’s planted there, iconic of the irony of the “ironic punk rocker.” Being this wound into irony, not even her own world interests her. She’s clad head-to-toe with her mask of choice. Restrictive black denim stretches across her legs, finding relief in the artificial slashes running horizontal from seam to seam. Blinding pink leggings scream from behind the pristine jeans and lead the eye up to the fluorescent white shirt that covers mocha skin drowned in milk and sugar. To finish her ensemble, a skimpy denim vest sits on her shoulders, squawking like a parrot to signal her alternative statement in rehearsed and proofread words. Devoid of headphones blasting the Ramones or some minimalistic grunge, the quasi-random tones of dozens of students making chat so small offer her the perfect melody for her mental stillness.

With her head resting on a hand pressed against her hip, she works a finger over the cover of a book. Yellows, browns, and other colors of the neutral color rainbow spiral together to form a blob resembling her outlook of the world. She peels the cover of the book to pages performing like Dalmatians for her attention. Page by page, she stares at the blurring text. Once the book fails to inspire even boredom, she snaps the cover to seal the knowledge begging to escape. She worms the book into an oversized shoulder bag and takes up a slim USPS box. Offering little practical use in transporting goods, the tool of “The Man” isn’t even large enough for her collection of vintage Sex Pistols records. The brown cardboard sits on her lap as she scrapes at the official and totally conforming label for delivery. The box’s shape and size could feel familiar in her hands. With a page or two of Cosmopolitan, it could easily accommodate a textbook, but only one that looked as blah and earthy as the one she had merely minutes ago.

Now that thin strips of information have been chiseled from the barcode, she discards the box to the empty seat to her right. With a start, she retrieves a cell phone from a snug denim pocket. An eye-roll later, she streams through screens with practiced thumbs. A sigh later, she holsters her lifeline to the real world and pulls free from the couch. Grabbing up her box and bag, she makes a sad dash for an exit. With a spin of the package, she throws it in the trash and continues out of the building.

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* Whoops, my proofreading accent came out a little bit there

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