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Bloggaday 320 – ABDF: Charlie Harper’s Beach and The Most Interesting Man in the World, A Bloggaday Double Feature

Bloggaday 320 – ABDF: Charlie Harper’s Beach and The Most Interesting Man in the World, A Bloggaday Double Feature
BY David “Not The Most Interesting Man In This Room” Dysart

Charlie’s Beach,+Los+Angeles,+California&ll=34.032088,-118.686086&spn=0.00489,0.008401&t=h&z=17

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Wow, this is as old as it gets folks. I came up with the idea for this Bloggaday before there even was a Bloggaday.
I’ve been a fan of Two and a Half Men for a long time. In fact, my whole family are Two and a Half Men fans. Granted, it’s not as good as it used to be, but that’s not the subject of this Bloggaday
A couple of weeks before the Bloggaday started, I was asked by my dad to find the beach where Charlie lived. Not the exact beach mind you, since it’s just a set, but they always show film of the houses that are supposedly around his houses, very distinctive houses… the houses that would be easy to spot from google maps…,+Los+Angeles,+California&ll=34.032088,-118.686086&spn=0.00489,0.008401&t=h&z=17

Muahahaha. I don’t know why I feel maniacal about finding the beach where fictional character Charlie Harper “lives,” but I suppose if nothing else, it’s an amusing little fact.
I always figured it would make for a nice Bloggaday when I finally got it up and running.
Unfortuantely, it’s not really long enough to fill 500 words, so I didn’t know if I should make it a double-feature with another Bloggaday or if I should just put it solo since it’s one of the first Bloggaday ideas. Guess the following 250 words answers that.

Hello, Bloggaday readers. I am the most interesting man in the world. I do not usually drink beer, but despite popular belief, when I do, I do not drink Dos Equis, but that is a blog for another day.
Unfortunately, your trusted Bloggaday author has asked me to refrain from giving you my name on this Bloggaday, he wanted me to assure you that you will be reading me again. He and I have entered into an agreement that in exchange for my telling of some personal stories, he would give me exorbitant sums of cash and an unlimited supply of my actual favorate beer. Perhaps I will tell you about that particular brew, but as I said before, that will be for another day.
I'm not too sure when David will have me on the Bloggaday again, but I suppose it will be on the occasional Wednesday when he doesn't have story content. I think he brought me on simply because he's running out of Bloggaday steam. He already has 3 weekly segments, two of which he brings in outside help. Once a month he talks about his weight loss and has more people run his Performer of the Month. I’m just saying, if I had other people live my adventures, then I wouldn't be the most interesting man in the world.
Unfortunately, I don't have enough of a word count to get into a story, but I'm sure I will be back in the near future. I will simply leave you with this question: have you ever crash-landed a hot air balloon into the Amazonian jungle with only one day left in a bet that you can’t sleep with European royalty? I have, and I won. Had to make it interesting, don’t you know?

Until next we meet,

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