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Bloggaday 331 – Scholarship Essay

Bloggaday 331 – Scholarship Essay
By David “I’m too lazy to write another Bloggaday” Dysart

So back on Bloggaday 90, I mentioned that I talked about the scholarships I won. I also mentioned that I wrote a scholarship essay. Well, here’s that essay.

ESSAY TOPIC : Please summarize your educational and life goals. Your essay should include the accomplishments, activities and needs which qualify you for this scholarship.

Crafton Hills College has given me a great gift. It has helped me with my future, both scholastically and in my personal life. It has given me my major, psychology. I intend on leaving Crafton Hills College and entering the California State University system in the fall of 2010. Moving from the community college system means I will be facing heavier financial burdens in furthering my education. I am hoping that Crafton Hills will also help me in this aspect of my future.
Once at a Cal State, I will get my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. After that, I will do one of two things. One option is to focus on Industrial Organizational and then leave my structured educational career and enter the workforce. If I do not choose to do that, then I will have a clinical focus getting my Master's degree and Ph. D. in psychology. From there, I could see myself getting involved with the legal system. Both of my parents work for the Redlands Police Department, and my brother is currently waiting for his results of the bar. I feel this path would allow for me to utilize my education to better society. Currently, these plans are financially daunting, and scholarships would relieve some of the stress and anxiety for my immediate future.
My time at Crafton has also allowed me to gain new interests as well as further old ones, pushing both in altruistic ways. I have grown particularly fond of Professor Biffle's Whole Brain Teaching. I have helped him at his conferences on campus and gained a better understanding of the method by combing through elementary standards to research information for him. My involvement with him has sparked an urge to teach myself. This is an option I have not removed from my future.
I have also been able to assist Dr. Pfahler in some of the things she does for the community. Through in-class donations I have been able to help those less fortunate than myself. Also, I have been able to help with her Christmas toy drive not only through donations, but also helping her with the more behind-the-scenes aspects of the drive. These opportunities have allowed me to help others even though I do not have a large surplus of financial resources.
I have also been able to help Kim McCormick with her Green Career Fair. This was a great opportunity for me to not only help the student body find jobs, but to also put the focus on keeping our environment safe. It was also an invaluable learning experience for me.
Being at Crafton has also given me an opportunity to experience the clubs on campus like Psychology and Paradigm Shift. In the spring I would like to start a club myself. One semester may not be enough time to get it going, but I think it would give me valuable experience as well as benefit the campus and the students at Crafton Hills. If my idea does not overlap with clubs like Paradigm Shift, the English club, or the Arts League, I would like to start a creative writing club. Scholarship funds could also help me with any incidental costs that arise from it.
While I have been blessed with the circumstance to attend college, scholarships would ease the current burdens facing my academic career. I know, though, that even if I do not receive any scholarships, they will go to people who are in need of them. In this, I can take solace.
Thank you for this opportunity.

It’s kind of funny. With the Bloggaday winding down, I decided to go through my folders (probably pushing a dozen) and check the (probably pushing [if not exceeding triple digits]) word documents that have ideas and started Bloggadays to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything important out of it. This was just sitting there, so… yay!!!!?????...!!!!!!!!!!
I will say though, an application I wrote might be getting me a job that I have no real right getting. /cross fingers

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