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Bloggaday 360 – Wall: 6 David: 11

Bloggaday 360 – Wall: 6 David: 11
By David “It’s Like a Nightmare, isn’t It?” Dysart

Some time ago, I posted my rock wall Bloggaday exploits here Bloggaday http://tiny.cc/Bloggaday260 and http://tiny.cc/Bloggaday261 and then an update with video http://tiny.cc/Bloggaday278
Since then, I’ve started writing an update, but I can’t find it on my Mac. Though, a score would probably be rather silly anyways. If you took a look at those posts, you would see that I started keeping score between the wall and myself. I was going to give myself a point for every new route I was able to do and for landmarks like doing 10 climbs in one trip. It’s been a while though, and while the wall has bested once or twice, the numbers are going to start getting up there.

Anyways, this quarter I started The Mile High Challenge where you climb the equivalent of a mile in a quarter. For those of us who are afraid of that giant ball of fusion-powered fire and plasma, that means 155 climbs on the indoor wall at CSUSB. Well, I’m halfway through the quarter and sitting on 119 (and a half) climbs. Getting to 155 won’t be hard (and would score me another point if I was still keeping track).
Hmm, with all this talk about scores, I wonder what it would look like…
Clean (monocolor routes [which is a shame, because I do a bunch of multicolor routes])

Brown (1)
Orange (2)
Brown (2)

So that’s another 7 points for routes. That’s more like a dozen if you count multi-colored routes, but I’m going to count those.

I’ve bouldered both ways, so that’s another 2 points. That’s 9 + 1 from before for 10 points. I’ve also polished off 10 climbs in a day (13 is my best), so that’s 11 points.

As for the wall, I’ve been stymied and still haven’t been able to cleanly climb anything in the chimney, so that’s a point for it (4). Umm, I’ve hurt both of my arms on the wall, so that’s another 2 points.
Now, my right forearm is one of those things that if I pick up my laptop and anything else that torques my arm, there’s a sharp pain about halfway up. The green route definitely exasperated the problem, but I think I’m pretty good now.
For my other arm, it’s a little patch of my bicep just above the nook of my elbow. I hurt it early December (I think. For all I can remember, it could have been November). I took a week off during break, came back, and it still hurt. I got an elbow brace and took another week off. And it still hurt.
I haven’t taken anymore weeks off, but over the last week or two, it was finally started to feel better. I was rather ecstatic, but then real life happened and I was lifting stuff, and sure enough, I hurt it again. This has been a recent development, so I’m not sure if it’s going to last another 3 months or if it’ll be fine in the near future.
So when we add all of this up, that’s Wall: 6 David: 11
It’s like a nightmare, isn’t it?

Well, I was going to post my progress on the Mile High Challenge, but then I got distracted will all of this competitive talks. I think tomorrow I’ll post that as well as one last fitness update.

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