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Bloggaday 355 – The Third Great Trigady pt 10

Bloggaday 355 – The Third Great Trigady pt 10
By David “Good Dim” Dysart

The time has come yet again for another clipshow, this time the last for Bloggaday: Year 1. There’s still a few more regular posts coming, but The Third Great Trigady is going to fill most of the remaining year. Each of these posts contain some of the best of the last third of the Bloggaday, and my new comments add up to the 500-word word count.

Enjoy a look back at the last 100 posts. Until next time…
“Chuck: Huh?

Tom: The beginning of yesterday’s post and that right there were our last song’s lyrics.

Chuck: Are you sure?

Tom: … No, I’m just screwing with you…

Chuck: Okay, that’s what I thought. Should we recap our songs?

You know the figment relationship between two characters are bad when one says, “… No, I’m just screwing with you…” is sarcasm and the other just believes he’s being screwed with. You know what? I should see if this can be generalized to real people =P (Where P means real people ;))
“The cycle continues as old students leave and new students enter, freshly recruited from classes relieved by teachers, not bells.

Amongst the filling emptiness that is engulfing the unusual couch, a woman fulfills her true slothful nature as the last remaining Student of the Roundseat.

She’s clad head-to-toe with her mask of choice. Restrictive black denim stretches across her legs, finding relief in the artificial slashes running horizontal from seam to seam. Blinding pink leggings scream from behind the pristine jeans and lead the eye up to the fluorescent white shirt that covers mocha skin drowned in milk and sugar. To finish her ensemble, a skimpy denim vest sits on her shoulders, squawking like a parrot to signal her alternative statement in rehearsed and proofread words. Devoid of headphones blasting the Ramones or some minimalistic grunge, the quasi-random tones of dozens of students making chat so small offer her the perfect melody for her mental stillness.

Once the book fails to inspire even boredom, she snaps the cover to seal the knowledge begging to escape.

An eye-roll later, she streams through screens with practiced thumbs.

Listening to
In the Garden of Eden… Sorry, I pronunciate”

Part 5 was my Santos Manuel money shot. Part 6 is just the Santos Manuel and me snuggling. I don’t recall if it was any good or not, but ask me about this climax and I will regale you with vivid details. Even the “Listening to” tag was good. I actually laughed out loud when I read it for the clipshow. It’s another one of those things that I forgot.
I don’t know if I just hit a really good skid of posts to write about, or if I’m just giving my own horn a good polish. I also seem to be making an exorbitant amount of sexual innuendos. Innuendo? Inherendo! (Bazinga) Yeah, I need to stop typing now.
But real quick. Read this Bloggaday. All joking aside, I think I did a good job with it. I sat down with some Taco Bell and started watching the environment for this paper, so I saw her and built the description in my head as I ate.
“I like me some cake.

I’d almost say it makes the cake a lie, but that’s just me and not a pop culture reference at all.
“Known Borrower.”

“You Are.”

“Chronic Bater.”

“Donkey Rubber.”

Listening to
My mind distract me with the possibilities of a blind-shoot

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The Bloggaday Double Features started popping up more and more often. I started running out of posts and still had a surplus of ideas. Bloggaday 319 – ABDF: FrOStinG dRAg, A Bloggaday Double Feature covered frosting a capchta. This is all a bit out of context though, so for some semblance of sense, visit the actual post. Yeah… Have fun with that.
“Hmm, I wonder how many times I can work the word “seven” into a paragraph. I think I would like to say “seven” seven times. I imagine had this been the seventh paragraph in this post, it would have been rather easy, but alas that’s not the case. I mean, how many times can you work “seven” naturally into a paragraph that doesn’t really describe anything with seven of something in it. Ha! In a second, I’d’ve now said “seven” seven times…
… Damn.

And I don’t think a wicked stepmother would let her have seven male roommates to keep her company.
I suppose her mother could have been shot within the first 5 minutes of the story, and if she had daddy issues, that would explain her chronic seeking of older men. And if her dad left, geeze, that would explain why she collected them like damn pokemon.

If I ever get around to watching it somehow I definitely need to write a wee bit of fiction with that whole Seven Deadly Sins angle. If I get a burner under myself, perhaps I can submit it to The Sand Canyon Review and their March 18th deadline. But how will I ever know what their rules for submission are? Maybe if I looked at the jpg of their awesome flier for this year:

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Now, I didn’t suck all of the funny out of this one and plop it into the clipshow. I definitely left some meat (Oh, good dim, I’m funny) on the bone for you to go read and fork at the original post. If you need to know a topic, it’s about my lack of knowledge of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
But come on? That seamless transition into a shout-out for the Sand Canyon Review? That was a thing of beauty right there. A masterpiece if you ask me. Really something worthy to submit to and get published in one of the premiere art and literary magazines in Southern California.
Now, nothing in part 2 of this post was really good enough to give it its own clipshow spot, but there was some decent stuff it, so I would recommend giving it a shot. I even plugged somebody else. But who?

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Who Would Win in a Fight by The Mike Schmidt Podcasting Network (TheMiSPoN)

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I wanna view like Youtube Shut up and let me show

What’s pickier than pickier? The Piccaday Light me up that web cam and strap a smile on my face Let the pictures hit the floor I’m gonna pack my pixels and I’m gonna go your way

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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