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Bloggaday 340 – Lifeboat psychology pt 1

Bloggaday 340 – Lifeboat psychology pt 1
By David “Physcics Professor, Psych Major, El Capitan, And All Around Good Guy” Dysart

Things you didn’t know about me, eh? Well, here’s one. I was once cast asea in a lifeboat with 4 other people. I won’t go into the back-story, but needless to say, discount cruise to Mehheeco, yadda yadda yadda, I’m drinking tequila in a deflating rubber bottle top of a death trap.
So, as I said, the raft isn’t doing too good. I’ll spare you the dramatics of the conversation, but we decided that one of us had to jump off of the raft. Hey! You weren’t there. don’t judge me! Sure, I brought it up, and I might have implied I was a physics professor and the raft wasn’t capable of sustaining that many people, but it’s not like I said that the jumpee had just sink. They could tread water. I mean, we’re in the middle of the ocean. We’re bound to run into some rebellious land that has risen up against its water oppressors.
So, where was I? That’s right, we were trying to decide who would go overboard. Well, talks had barely started when the other guy in the boat just leaned back went overboard.
It was the damndest thing.
I’m not ashamed to admit I wept openly for that great man. Deep down, I think he knew that shark had been circling the boat. I mean, the way I had been throwing up… In hindsight, yeah, the half-digested shrimp in my gut were of course going to bring meat-eaters around.
So, yeah, I cried. But then I realized that in the very near future, it was going to be 3 women and me on a deserted island… I just couldn’t remain sullen about my brave boatmate’s fate.
Well, I might have realized that situation before I openly wept, and the tears MIGHT have been fake, but it’s the action that counts, not the thought.
Hmm, when exactly was it that I realized that his absence left the odds very favorable for me? But I tried saving him. I really really tried. Just ask the girls. I lunged for him as he went overboard. None of them did. I don’t think they were really paying attention to him. But me? It’s just a shame we were sitting across from each other. Had I been closer, maybe I could have saved that brave and noble man.
I mean, I wish I could see a replay of it. I actually made contact with him as he went overboard, but I just couldn’t grab him. But, it’s not just my amazing physical prowess that almost saved my fallen comrade. It’s really my keen ability to read people. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I am a psych major. I could see it in his body language. It just wasn’t right…

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