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Bloggaday 342 – Lifeboat psychology pt 3

Bloggaday 342 – Lifeboat psychology pt 3
By David “Full of Post-Horse Feed” Dysart
AKA David “Childlike, Desire-Driven, and Impulse-Ridden” Dysart

As I hope you’d have guessed by now, the preceding story wasn’t in fact true. Though as they say, every lie begins with a grain of truth. Such is the case with this one. While I’ve never been in a life raft, I’ve been on a cruise to Mehheeco. But, that’s a pretty fine grain truth, so I’ll go with the good, thick grain that’s buried under this pile of… post-horse feed.
On the first day of my first psychology class, we played a game. It was called

The class was broken up into groups of 4 or five. My group was 2 guys and 3 girls.*** The situation for the game was that one of us had to jump off of the boat and get eaten by the sharks**** in order for the others to survive.*****
In the end, the game is an example of the id, ego, superego (as proposed by a guy named Sigmund [and how his life got flip turned upsidedown******]) While I don’t really remember her schpeal post-game, I think I understand the three well enough to convey the message on a blog that has brought such educational nuggets as the Law of Special Baconivity ( and Women Explained: Missing Periods and the Compulsive “P” That Follows (
People who just won’t jump (won’t give a reason, they just won’t jump) are being dominated by their id, the childlike, desire-driven, and impulse-ridden part of you. People who use religion (and similar moral-based reasoning for our agnostic and atheistic audience) in their choice are using their superego, this being where our values and core beliefs are. Now, people who use the ego, are reasoning with the practicalities in front of them to calculate jump-value.
In my group, there really was a guy who just said, yep, I’ll go. He didn’t give a reason. He just jumped (No, I didn’t push him off of our imaginary life raft). So, when it came time for us to say who jumped, I got the finger of death and had to say who and why they jumped. Well. There wasn’t much to say, but this is where the whole “I don’t know, he just jumped. I tried to grab him,” yada yada yada thing came in. I suppose you had to be there. Though that probably wouldn’t have helped that much. I was there and my own wit didn’t astound me to an extent that I clearly remember it. But you know what? I just milked 3 Bloggadays out of it, so I’m happy.

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* That’s a drumroll^
** Actually, it was just called “Lifeboat,” not “Lifeboat!”
*** Hey! 2 and 3 = 5!^^
**** While I gave a reason for the circling sharks in my story, the Psych teacher didn’t. :-(
***** If one person from a 5-person raft had to jump, doesn’t that mean that the 4-person rafts would have been fine?^^^
****** I really need to stop going to Will Smith and the Fresh Prince of Bellaire for my musical reference

^ But not always. “…” usually just means pause.
^^ You also may have been able to figure that out by the story.
^^^ Something doesn’t quite add up about all of this >.> <.< >.>

Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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