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Bloggaday 338 – In Yo Face! Pt 2

Bloggaday 338 – In Yo Face! Pt 2
By David “1.7mb/s!.*” Dysart

As I said at the conclusion of Yesterday’s Bloggaday, I actually have quite a bit of good stuff to say about Verizon and their fios. Well, there’s a bit of that coming up.
As for that equipment, I will say it is awesome, so allow for this short praising commercial. Before, we had a modem and then ran that through a Linksys port that split the signal and gave us wifi. They replaced it with a shmexy box. Now, when I wrote this, I was going to put a picture of my box on here, but that now seems entirely inappropriate.
Before, on a good day, wifi had sketchy connection in the closest part of the living room. On a bad day, there was nothing at all. I worked up a couple different parabola setups that did help, but the latest setup I used had to be taken off if I was in my room. There was much talk about moving all of the internet stuff. Even having them put the new box in a different room. I’m glad we didn’t though. With this bad boy Verizon gave us, we can get wifi anywhere in the house.
I won’t go into details of what I had to do to get the computers to work in case there are any techno shenaniganizers reading this, but my dad found the owner’s manual online for it, and I went through a long and convoluted process of finding out what I had to do and doing it for each new device. I finally got everything working on the wifi. Unfortunately, my iPhone doesn’t seem to working on it anymore, so I’m going to have to try to fix it again. The lazy-to-need ratio just isn’t right for me to do so yet.
To end on two last positive notes, the speed is just ridiculous. Before, 300kb/s was a very good day and it always fluctuated during the download. Now? 1mb/s is at least typical, which is just insane. I was just downloading something and was getting 1.7mb/s. To consistently have 4-6x the speed I’ve ever known is weird. Just in time too since Mike Schmidt’s The 40 Year Old Boy has been putting out 2-hour episodes lately.
A last little perk is now when someone calls, it tells you on the phone and usually tries to say it on the speaker. I guess it’s nothing major, but we’ve never had caller ID before so it’s a cool little screen-blocking tool ^.^

Now, I wrote this all just after we had it installed, but it’s been sitting in a folder since then. But no MORE!.* The Bloggaday is shutting down in a couple of weeks, and I’m rather behind on content, so I’m posting this up. I’m also going to fill it out a little more to stretch it into 2 Bloggadays.

So, I have since worked out the problem with the iPhones. Now I’m very confident with my knowledge of the system. I can pretty much do what I want with the system now. I’m making that system my bi
Hey, I’m done

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* Hey, “!” followed by a “.” Is the hip, new thing

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