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Bloggaday 327 – Weird Cultural Zeitgeist pt 2

Bloggaday 327 – Weird Cultural Zeitgeist pt 2
By David “Ahh” Dysart

As I said last time, I didn’t see the picture I was looking for. I switched over to the Youtube page really quick scrolled down to the bio section* without really looking at the videos. Sure enough, guy. But I also caught the name and I remember thinking, wait a minute, I think I remember who this is from my ACC days**, so I go digging into that. Sure enough, he was the Avatar character I thought.*** I was pretty sure the he and the Squall were the same person, so I rechecked DeviantArt and it said he was a guy. I figured I might as well check the Youtube page I had already pulled up. One of the first videos on the list was about being on T for 4 months
I start playing it and as it turns out, T is testosterone. As I said earlier, I figured he was either a women or a somewhat feminine guy. Well, I’m still kind of tossed. Is he taking testosterone because he WAS a women or he’s a guy that just isn’t producing enough hormones or something. I scrolled through his other videos and sure enough, I see one that’s titled “Transgender Announcement.”
So I guess I was kind of right on both counts with my original reaction to him. Didn’t really see that one coming.
It actually makes quite a bit of sense. I can see it now that I’m expecting it. After watching the 4-month video and the announcement video, I can see the testosterone is starting to work.

Anyways, back to the thought at hand. When I get an idea for a Bloggaday, I’ll kind of run through it in my head. This becomes especially prevalent when I’m going to bed before I write it. Sure enough, I started doing that with this Bloggaday. Even when I stumble into a realization, I’ll usually write it in the progression that I had when I thought of it, keeping the same timeline and discovery of ideas. I’m not really doing that with this one.
Rather than tell that story in full, it was going to just kind of be a cursory glance.**** In my head, I stumbled into the whole use of pronouns and if I should use “transgendered male” or “transgendered female” to describe a person going through the process of female -> male. Is there a cutoff point in which you use the different pronouns? Is it when they make their decision and come out? When they start the process? If memory serves, you have to live as the opposite gender for a year before they start the medical procedures.***** I think it actually would have been good to recreate the internal monologue in written word for the Bloggaday because it showed the ignorance that I’m sure most people like myself have, but I don’t know if I could have recreated it faithfully, and it would have pushed me into another Bloggaday.
Hmm. I’m already at the end of my second Bloggaday and I’ve only kind of touched on the topic. There may be more to come, but I don’t know.
I won’t mention the screenname of the cosplayer, but it’s amusing if he had already made up his mind about being transgender when he thought of it. I guess it would’ve been somewhat Simpsonian with the identity of the person.

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* I know DeviantArt tells you too, but I wasn’t thinking then. I was rather focused on finding the picture I remembered
** It amuses me that it was a few weeks ago that I put it together, yet I make it sound like I was in Nam.
*** Sorry, I’m trying not to point him out in a crowd.
**** I think I’ve already used “cursory glance in this Bloggaday. I was going to fix that when I proofread it, but since I’m writing this, I think I’ll just keep it in and spotlight my goof that probably would have gone unnoticed.
***** I think operations, not hormone injections like testosterone.

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