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Bloggaday 351 – The Third Great Trigady pt 7

Bloggaday 351 – The Third Great Trigady pt 7
By David “Tachyon Binary Radiation” Dysart

The time has come yet again for another clipshow, this time the last for Bloggaday: Year 1. There’s still a few more regular posts coming, but The Third Great Trigady is going to fill most of the remaining year. Each of these posts contain some of the best of the last third of the Bloggaday, and my new comments add up to the 500-word word count.

Enjoy a look back at the last 100 posts. Until next time…
a parody of

Google: Blog and space.

Google: If you value your success over your complete destitution, listen carefully Bloggaday Author. Google buys out and advertises on everything it rests its eyes upon. It leads a payroll so massive it consumes forests every payday, so vast it has its own barbershops. All the Sky-net Google requires is this: a simple offering of blog and space. A token of Bloggaday's advertisement of Google. You run a few blogs to promote Google and offer space on your website for us to run Google Ads on.

Me: You bring the URLs and profits of contracted sellouts to my computer’s screen! You insult my Mac. You threaten my readers with junk and shopping! Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Googler. Perhaps you should have done the same.


Yay, total destitution!

Twitter Tag
For post 300, there’s a video telling you exactly where you are, only on… Bloggaday

Bloggaday 300 marked a wee bit of a landmark, so to celebrate, I made a video parody of the messenger scene from the movie, 300. It took me soooo long to finally do it, but I had a couple good reasons. I needed the taco bell paraphernalia (The initial concept was a commentary of advertisement, but I ended up shying from it. I couldn’t let it go entirely though). Also, there was another reason or two, but I’m not going into that here.
“8. What foods do you dislike?
Fish, olives, mushrooms (thanks for the start, Joy), most birds, vegetables, a lot of fruits, healthy stuff, gravy, baha sauce (like a lot of sauces), meatloaf, sushi, cardboard, foodstuffs, unsweetened chocolate, etc…

10. Favorite salad dressings?
None. I take my leafy greens extra dry, shaken, not stirred.

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
Scotland, Ireland (and might as well England since I’d be over there anyways), Greece (with a quick lay over in Italy), and Japan.

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
A cup too large for this use.

40. Do anything spontaneous lately?
After looking up this “spontaneous” you speak of, I would have to say no.

42. Broccoli?
After looking up this “broccoli” you speak of, I would have to say no.

This was another one of those tagging things that bounced around Facebook. I did it and subsequently waited a month before posting it because of that blasted 300 video. There were some other good answers in there, but I think I’ve post enough for today.
“Chuck: Look, Tom, I have no interest in doing a part two for this one. Let’s just get right to it.

Chuck: Tom.

Chuck: I’m serious. Just get to the songs.

Chuck: No description. Move on to the next song.

Chuck: Just do it.

Chuck: SONG TWO!

Chuck: SONG TWO!


Chuck: NOW!

Twitter Tag
A short Song of the Week 29 for the Bloggaday Readers… somewhat like Kurt Cobain’s life, only on Bloggaday”

SotW 29 was shhhoOORrrt. Actually, it was short, but not quite THAT short. It came in at just over 350 words, so meh. I think imaginary Chuck may have been on his imaginary period. I mean I’ve never imagined him like that before. And trust me, I’ve imagined him at his best and his worst, his highs and his lows. I mean, you haven’t really imagined someone until you’re imagining holding back his imaginary hair as imaginary vomit gets all over your imaginary shoes…
Imagine that…
Male periods…
Anyways, I wasn’t actually going to post this in the clipshow untul I saw the joke I made in the Twitter Tag. SotW was kind of a Nirvana week with all of the songs being from the band. It’s the last thing you read, and I thought it was pretty decent. I wouldn’t say it went out with a bang or anything…
“10b) “Watching Airplanes” by Gary Allan I really really like this song. /_ You see that? That was a period. PERIOD.

18) “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5
My feminine side’s heart was broken when it found out that only one Maroon 5 song could be on the DDC. You could say I was in Misery, but I Can’t Lie, that’s Just A Feeling, and I Don’t Know Nothing, especially when I Stutter. Sorry, I Can’t Stop, just need to Figure It Out while I have a Little of Your Time. I’ll tell you a Secret though, The Sun will always give me a Shiver on Sunday Morning, especially when I’m Tangled with This Love… … … So yeah, I just picked one… OOHRAH!

20) “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers
Hailzya. If you don’t smile at this song, then I would advise checking your soul. You must’ve misplaced it.”

This is another one I wasn’t going to drop in the clipshow, but I’m just a wee bit proud of working 15 song titles into 60 words, 30 of which were used for the titles. That’s 50% of the words were song titles. Basically, every other word was a song title. Yeah… I just blew your mind huh? I’ll give you a second to clean up a little bit…

Other than that, I don’t really have much to say about this post. I suppose then I should just move one. What do you think?

Sorry, you’ll have to speak up.

A little bit softer.

No, you have to make sure you’re resonating with your computer. Doing that will create a surge of tachyon binary radiation that will let me hear your answer and write accordingly.

Really? I’ll just move on and forget you ever said that. Some people. I swear…
“Two women prance in from the chilled air trailing their path.

“Cathy,” the one with the receding blondeline, holds no argument against it as she curls into the chair, the conversation a good book and the rich, golden ottoman a cozy fire.

They share a smile as they pack, and they’re off again half-cocked into the crowds to make their escape from the agony of their weekly study session.”

Santos Manuel Student Union: An Observation pt 3 finally had people in it! It wasn’t a very good Bloggaday, but I finally finished all of the surrounding description. I think I had a couple of good descriptions of people for this assignment, but none of that happened in this part of the paper. I will say though, I was rather proud of myself coming up with “receding blondeline” to describe brunette roots creeping up on a blonde dye job.
“Pardon the dangling participle. I fear my grief for you has had a detrimental effect on my grammar

Sure, WWII produced a noble and patriotic generation of hardened veterans and draft dodgers, and sure, the 60's turned that hatred and grief into love and understanding, but our generation has married these two ideologies and those from the generations since then to produce the naturally selected brilliance that is... US.”

The Commencement Ceremony Tickets Bloggadays were… interesting. Starting and ending in, it covered an email I sent to a class-wide email I got asking for commencement ceremony tickets. (Proper title for the Bloggaday huh?) I just shot back a ridiculous (and rather long) email to inform her (him?) that I didn’t have any tickets.
“First, let's examine the occurrence of unpunctual punctuation. When periods don't occur at a desired and preset schedule, women freak OOOUUUUT. I haven't had any occasions when this missing period is replaced by a semicolon, but I theorize that this would solve the problem. Guys, if you are in a relationship with a woman, I would recommend stocking up on these. Do tell me if it doesn't work though. I have a more drastic plan that involves a comma and an "and," but it is only to be used as a last resort since at times, that comma must actually be a semicolon still. But, I will jump off that bridge when I come to it.

One problem often associated with the misplacement of periods and other punctuation is the consequential form of dyslexia. Once hysterical about the missing period, women often must use a "p" in the following sentence. I'm unsure of the problem women have with "p"’s after missing a period, but they often do it very quickly. This obsessive requirement to write a "p" after a missed period is so well documented and so engraved into the psyches of women that an entire industry has been built around it.

Listening to
Man on the Silver Mountain by the Ronnie “The Double Rainbow” James Dio

Twitter Tag
Today, I demystify why women freak out over missed periods and compulsive “P”ing, only on Bloggaday”

Yeah, Women Explained: Missing Periods and the Compulsive “P” That Follows is about me logically tackling the occurrence of what happens when women miss a period. And of course, the subsequent “p” that follows a missed period. Honestly, these (part 1 and 2) are definitely some of my favorite Bloggadays.
“Currently, I'm unfamiliar with the nature of the contraptions that women buy for missed periods, but I do know that woman often put "p" on them. I'm not sure if this is just some form of therapeutic relief, but almost every case I have ever heard of of a woman missing a period has resulted in the purchasing of one of these devices. I'm also not sure of the exact nature of these things, but there appears to be some form of test built into them. It sounds like they rank the user as either positive or negative, so it could test the association of personality outlook and the occurrence of missed periods.
This could mean that the industry could just be trying to solve the problem of missed periods as I am. Perhaps I should contact one of these companies and compare notes. This may be a bad assumption though since I've heard several accounts of these "tests" being exceptionally difficult. But couple this with the excruciating wait I've often heard associated with them, the difficulty could be attributed to the patience aspect of the test.

Lastly, I've heard that some women who miss their periods and don't find proper relief from the devices they "p" on, actually visit a doctor. I haven't confirmed these reports, but I imagine they are seeing psychiatrists to help them deal with this issue. Unfortunately, this is just an assumption on my part, but I feel it is likely right. I would have to assume they would seek psychological help since their compulsive "p"ing offered little relief from missing their period. I have entered the psychological field to test this theory.
After making this decision though, I overheard a woman say, "Actually, I'm on the pill ever since missing my period last month." Since psychologists aren't able to prescribe pills, these women must be visiting a psychiatrist. While they posses infinitely inferior psychological skills than a psychologist, they do have some training in the field as well as posses the ability to prescribe pills. If you have any knowledge or theories on the matter, your input is welcomed.

Twitter Tag
Everything you ever wanted and not wanted to know about women missing their periods, only on Bloggaday”

Yeah… Epic paragraphs are pretty epic. I definitely needed to shorten them for Bloggaday 308 – Women Explained: Missing Periods and the Compulsive “P” That Follows pt 2. Never mind, I arbitrarily just broke the paragraphs up. Meh, I’m tired. I think I might go lie down. I’m quite pleased with these Bloggadays though. So I suppose what I’m trying to say is, “GO read my two Bloggadays!” I’ll even repost the links

Listening to
Tiny Dance by Elton John

Twitter Tag
With panic running throughout social media and the blogging environment, only because of Bloggaday

Going faster than a “Reply All” email, websites like mine will surely go your way The twits are tweeting and rss feeding I pray your mouse batteries die, and you take a tumblr Now here’s a little blog, I’ve got to tell I’m not calling you a bot, just don’t botter me

I wanna view like Youtube Shut up and let me show

What’s pickier than pickier? The Piccaday Light me up that web cam and strap a smile on my face Let the pictures hit the floor I’m gonna pack my pixels and I’m gonna go your way

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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