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Bloggaday 339 – PWND: The Tot Tales: A Very Tweedy Christmas pt 1

Bloggaday 339 – PWND: The Tot Tales: A Very Tweedy Christmas pt 1
By David “The Flying Kraken” Dysart

Now, this isn’t exactly fresh content, but it’s still going up. As depressing as the following fact is, “A Very Tweedy Christmas” is probably the best bit of fiction I’ve ever written. I just don’t have the patience to build enough of a back story to weave it into my stories, so they often go without. That’s much easier to do though when the content is already seeded by another story.
This particular piece is a fan fic from The Rookie universe, a book by New York Times Best Selling author, Scott Sigler. He’s starting up a podcast for fan fics based on his books, so I decided to submit this. It’s about 1,300 words, so I broke it down into 3 parts for the Bloggaday.

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The Tot Tales: A Very Tweedy Christmas
The holoset in the corner screeched from “Marcus Crowley, Recon on the Edge” to that annoying newsman. She always had it set to turn him on. Every morning, the house filled with the comb-over rambling, so the boys at the table never got to see the end of Crowley. This time, he babbled on about another Purest Nation terrorist attack on Earth for their Giving Day, but that’s all that environmental hiccup warranted of Johnny’s attention. He was far too focused on staying two fork-fulls of food ahead of his little brother. Two full bites, and he had always been way faster at licking the plate clean. There’s no way he would lose today.
The way the two were scooping, they would both set records of eating that vile gray mash, but Johnny didn’t care about personal bests; he was going to be the first to open his gift. Just like last year and the year before, Johnny would be the winner on Giving Day. Their mother’s voice rang from the living room behind Johnny. “Hurry up boys! You can open your father’s presents as soon as you finish breakfast.”
Johnny’s mind slipped from the guck dripping off of the bent tines in his hand to the boxes under the tree. He had seen them last night when he snuck out of his room. His was bigger, which had kept a smile on his face since then. But what could their father have gotten them this year? What could be better than the helmets from last Christmas? Sure, they were too big, but actual players had worn them. They stank and everything. The best part was when their mom had yelled at them for months to stop the head butting contests. The thing was though, Johnny usually won, and that pissed off his little brother just as much as it did Johnny when the little brat won. No way they would stop before she took them away. Even after she took them, the brothers had continued the contests, but that only lasted for a week or two. After every post-helmet contest, she would take them to Mr. Hunder. It wasn’t worth going to the doctors after every time. They just started different contests like “Gutbuster” and “The Flying Kraken.”
Once Johnny’s eyes focused back on the mushy mountain on his fork, he realized he had stopped eating. How could he stop eating just from thinking about the presents. His eyes widened as they looked beyond his fork and to Ju, who had already made up the difference and was actually scooping into the lead. He resumed the shoveling, fighting for the finish again.

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