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Bloggaday 323 – MAT1: Mandates of an Oligarchy Culture

Bloggaday 323 – MAT1: Mandates of an Oligarchy Culture
By David “Internet Peasant” Dysart

My Awesome Tweets One (MAT1)

I knew there would be a day.
A day when the ideas would stop coming
A day when the Bloggaday machine would fail. A day the people of the internet would sing songs about.

My good Bloggaday Readers, today is that day.
Rejoice not internet peasants.
I knew a day like this would come so I devised a plan.
A plan so horrible
A plan so despicable.
A plan that will scare the children at the end of every bedtime story for years to come.


Alright, here’s the dizzy:
I’m breaking out some of my more memorable tweets and commenting on them. I’ll do that until the comments satisfies my 500-word word count or at some other strategic point. It’s kind of like the Trigadies.

Only 3 days until 7-post Sunday! So far there’s been Craftspicable Me injuries, ANBU Blackops, a butchering zombified vampire, me taking naps, and maybe, just maybe a Performer of the Month interview with Tychus from SC2

But why wait when until Sunday when you have a 300-post backlog and two Trigady to read?

: Jackoff of all trades, understander of none

My research has proven that teens+cameras+wheeled transportation = schadenfreude. I wonder if I was working with a sample bias though

Okay, my new favorite Bloggaday title is "A Phthalates-filled Sbarro Breadstick" It'll drop Tuesday at :-D

I felt that due to the brilliant writing in this Bloggaday, it automatically gets a free pass as an awesome tweet

My innermonologue finally stop using the term "wanker" after hearing something British a couple of days ago It's very impressionable you see

Innermonologues, wankers, and being impressionable. This tweet has it all.

Heeeyyy. There's a cricket in my comforter.
July 16, 2010 10:01:16 PM PDT via Twitter for iPhone

Yeah… That’s really not something I like to find everyday, and luckily, it hasn’t happened everyday since then. It could have been much worse though. Crickets aren’t exactly bird-eating tarantulas.

Of course Big Balls isn't about dancing. It's a social commentary on Victorian England and mandates of an Oligarchy culture O_o

This tweet was actually a response to a Scott Sigler tweet. I don’t recall what exactly he wrote, but it was something along the lines of: I’m starting to think that Big Balls isn’t about dancing.

Reunited and it feels so good. #Karma joins up with #YinAndYang to keep the #StatusQuo, only on the Bloggaday pg 4 lang
July 6, 2010 10:18:33 AM PDT via web

What Karma giveth, so shall she bitchslap you with

Just sneezed into a fan O_o I do not recommend that It was rather amusing though On second thought If you have a fan near you Sneeze into it
July 2, 2010 9:49:05 PM PDT via web

It was just so ridiculous. I usually sneeze into my shoulder or elbow, but the sneeze just kind of hit me… Twice

Is there anything worse than waking up with both arms asleep and having to pee
4:23 AM Jun 20th via Twitter for iPhone

Yeah, sometimes my arms decide to hit the snooze in my brain when I try to get them up in the morning. I swear; they’re so lazy.

Well you've got to know, when you're dealing with Shwood, you're gonna have t... (YouTube
Well you've got to know, when you're dealing with Shwood, you're gonna have to deal with the physics of a gusher

Yeah… That’s actually not dirty at all (maybe a little) in the context of the video.

Do you know what makes the 7 o'clock jackhammering okay? Thickcut French toast
8:11 AM Jun 3rd via Twitter for iPhone
I don’t know. Again, it sounds vaguely homosexual.

Is it sad, pathetic, or depressing that a deaf man can #dance better than me. Perhaps all of the above? #SYTYCD #SoYouThinkYouCanDance


The Blog of days gone past shall rise again, and it will walk among the Bloggaday #Blog #Song #Podcast #Performer #Week

And it came upon the readers as a plague. This was actually in reference to the Song of the Week, the weekly segment that this is currently replacing. I used to run it on Myspace, back before my Bloggaday days.

Ooooohhhhh New York/ New Jersey to get the 2014 Superbowl! Do you believe in miracles?
1:33 PM May 25th via Echofon

Hmm, seems like something Mike Schmidt, the 40 year old boy would say. I will say I was extraordinarily bored watching it for the 5 minutes I did so. It was also oddly fascinating thoug. I’m not entirely sure why though.

7 and 1 Sloth v 14 and 4 Greed. The fight of the century. Only on Bloggaday. #sloth #greed #job #mac #laptop

The tweet and subsequent first paragraph were much better that the Bloggaday itself. It was just walking about how my internal sloth was giving my internal greed a beatdown.

Alexander the Fabulous in Fox’s new Fall sitcom, only at the Bloggaday #AlexanderTheGreat #Fabulous #sitcom #mistake

Again, I was quite pleased with myself for this Bloggaday, so the tweet gets in (lols). It does kind of require the context of the post though, so why don’t you go read it?

Billy Bob Thornton and the Batemasters, whoops, Carpetmasters, whoops, Boxmasters # Billybobthornton #Boxmasters #music

Come on, Boxmasters?

I cut myself... With a spoon... With a plastic spoon0_o o_0
11:13 PM Apr 19th via Echofon

Which is almost as bad as my sister getting a paper cut from a phone. o_O O_o

Listening to
The Mother F’n Superbowl in this Mother F’n house

Twitter Tag
Oh, there aren’t words apt for selling you on this blog post. It’s just too awesome, only on Bloggaday

Going faster than a “Reply All” email, websites like mine will surely go your way The twits are tweeting and rss feeding I pray your mouse batteries die, and you take a tumblr Now here’s a little blog, I’ve got to tell I’m not calling you a bot, just don’t botter me

I wanna view like Youtube Shut up and let me show

What’s pickier than pickier? The Piccaday Light me up that web cam and strap a smile on my face Let the pictures hit the floor I’m gonna pack my pixels and I’m gonna go your way

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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