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Bloggaday 328 – A Caption Narrative: ANBU Kakashi Mask

Bloggaday 328 – A Caption Narrative: ANBU Kakashi Mask
By David “Copy Cat Ninja” Dysart

Alright folks. This is the fourth (I think) Caption Narrative as described back in 188 It’s where I take the caption to my various Craftspicable Me projects and make a Bloggaday out of them. I thought about rewriting it all so it transitions smoothly, but I could do that with my previous ones, and I can’t just go against the precedent set by 3-month ago me.
So, if you want to follow along my journey of my ANBU Kakashi Mask, read on. The pictures can be found at either Facebook
Or Photobucket Me/Masks/ANBU/Kakashi 1/

Quick info about the project. Kakashi is a character from a manga (and anime) called Naruto. He’s a ninja from Konoha village. During his time there, he served in their elite black-op squad ANBU. I decided to make the mask he wore while in the ANBU Black Ops.

My nephew wearing the Guy Fawkes mask rather creepily

My ANBU mask materials: Model Magic and a Guy Fawkes Mask

Model magic is crazy. I didn’t expect it to be so light and fluffy. Kind of like working with a big marshmallow.

I couldn’t just lay a pancake of the stuff down, and V has a big ol’ nose, so I had to use a lot of clay to build the mouth area up.

I also had to work up the sides of the nose as well.

I had to do the pancake layer 3 times. I also redid the mouth mass to make it a bit lighter.

I did this at night, so yeah, sucky light is sucky. When I went to poke the eyes out, I poked a little too close together, but the mask survived.

I was able to sand it down to a nice, smooth surface. If you do this, just be sure to use a really fine grit

Unfortunately, I painted it with a paint/glue mixture, but I don’t think I can recommend it unless you know something I don’t. perhaps I used too much glue, making it too thick, but now it’s just nothing but brushlines. :-(
I subsequently, penciled on everything I was going to paint.

The paint job is horrendous. My next one definitely won’t require symmetry ^.^ I used a special mixture color, so I can’t really go back and touch it up.

Urgh. Those freaking ears. I was sanding them with 80-grit to properly shape it to the mask, but I got bored with it, so I went onto the gluing before they were properly shapes. Placement is not perfect either.

The mask came with a shabby elastic strap that couldn’t hold the weight, so I put a better strap on the jaw. Still meh, so I put two more that “X” for the forehead to the jaw and took the junk strap off. Couldn’t really breathe, so I put two chunks of clay in the mask. This should make it more comfortable.

I still have to spray it with a sealer and since it doesn’t sit snug on my face (because of the clay chunks), I’m going to put sunglass lenses behind the eyes.

The shape of the Guy Fawkes mask isn’t shaped like an ANBU mask, but it made it look much more animal, so I’m actually happy with it.
On my side, I wish I could have done better, but it’s not terrible for a first try.

This is the finished inside. I may remove the clay piece on the chin but that’ll depend on rather it’s needed or not.
I also ruined the frame of my beloved aviators when I went up to see my brother, but the lenses live on in this mask.

So here’s the final product, sprayed with a nice and shiny glaze and sunglasses in. I knew I had to spray it, so I was going to wait till then to put the lenses in, but I got impatient and did them out of order. :-/
The glaze actually makes it look really good.
I tried hanging it, but about 15 minutes up, the glue gave on one of the straps, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

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Prayer ’94

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