Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bloggaday 319 – ABDF: FrOStinG dRAg, A Bloggaday Double Feature

Bloggaday 319 – ABDF: FrOStinG dRAg, A Bloggaday Double Feature

by david “this is not case-sensitive” dysart

Am I the only one who doesn’t like frosting? I know it’s sweet and all of that, but it’s just not that good.

When I say frosting, I’m including the coating on the cake as well as filling. The cake itself I’m a fan of. I like me some cake. It’s just the frosting doesn’t have any positive attributes that add to the overall experience of cakeness. I’d almost say it makes the cake a lie, but that’s just me and not a pop culture reference at all.

So now we know frosting is no good on cakes, cups and the like, but I’m not a fan of it on brownies either. I think they put some kind of fudge on there usually, but even the combination of two good things doesn’t always equal a great thing or even a good thing. Though, they’re pretty solid together, just not great. Now, I’ll eat the fudge separately and then eat the brownie. But that’s not something I’ll do with cakes and the frosting it usually has. And have you tried the frosting on German chocolate cake? It’s HORRIBLE!

But I do like me some German Chocolate poor man’s desert. Frack me, it’s awesome.

I will say, it amuses me that since writing this (a really really long time ago), Wendy Billings has informed me of a process called “frosting cupcakes,” atleast I think that’s what it was. That’s when an actress will shade her chest to make it look like she has a bigger… shelf.

What amuses even more STILL,is the fact that I’ve seen a guy “frost” his cupcakes ‘,:-\

ANOTHER UPDATE! I went to my Sand Canyon Review Class a few days before my birthday and guess what I was met with? Brownies and cake ^.^

That’s the joy of a 20-person magazine class at an COMMUNITY college. The reason I bring this is up is because of the frosting on/in the cake. IT WAS PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING. Best… Frosting… Ever. And by best, I mean it was actually good. It was on a nut cake, which was really good, but I want to make a chocolate cake and do that peanut butter frosting. That would be the straight-up shiznit. Straight up.

I know I’m not the only one annoyed by the captcha, but I think I’ve transcended into a new level. I know what they’re doing. It’s been slowly evolving to insult you. Like on facebook. It looks like they just randomly give you two different words, but it’s starting to go all skynet.

A few days ago, I was working on something and had to do it. It pops up, “Known Borrower.” I chuckled and thought, hey that’s a funny coincidence. But then the next day, it popped again, but this time it said, “You Are.” Honestly, kind freaked me out, but somehow I misspelled it so it came up with another that said, “Chronic Bater.”

Holy shit, how did it know?

Then I did it yesterday. I prepared myself this time. I hit save changes and it comes up “Donkey Rubber.” Oh come on!

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