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Bloggaday 363 – The Third Great Trigady pt 14

Bloggaday 363 – The Third Great Trigady pt 14
By David “That Ain’t No Canary” Dysart

The time has come yet again for another clipshow, this time the last for Bloggaday: Year 1. There’s still a few more regular posts coming, but The Third Great Trigady is going to fill most of the remaining year. Each of these posts contain some of the best of the last third of the Bloggaday, and my new comments add up to the 500-word word count.

Enjoy a look back at the last 100 posts. Until next time…

“It was a football living room.

Johnny’s eyes found his own toy, but the sight only dragged his smile into a snarl.”

Bloggaday 346 – PWND: The Tot Tales: A Very Tweedy Christmas pt 2 was another post I enjoyed. It still needs a good edit, but I’ll probably never get to it. I think It’s got solid POV work though (I know a spot or two that are a bit rough because I decided to do it that way). I don’t know. It’s a solid read especially if you’re a Sigler fan. Or a Tweedy fan. (That ain’t no canary [And that sure as hell ain’t no cow])

“At his full lean and with feet churning, Ju charged into the broad side of the gun. The plastic started to bend around his face. As his body began to catch up with his head, the P56 Carboin became infected with fractures and cracks until it completely snapped in two.

Wabbling the ball over his smashed face, Johnny smugged, “You’ve got to cover up. Daddy doesn’t fumble the ball like a bitch.”

Hoho, go Johnny, go.

Deep down the Planetary League, in Thomas 3
Way back up in the dives among the skyscrapers to dwell
There stood a family made of scraps and charity
Where lived a planetary boy name Johnny Tweedy
Who never cared to read or write so well
But he would lead a defense one day through hell

He used to carry his contempt in a snarled face
Go sit beneath the tree where the mykoceae lay
Oh, his mother would see him sitting in the shade
Opening his package that they had paid
The future would sway on this very moment way
Oh my, those little planetary boys will play

Go go
Go Johnny go

His mother told him, “Someday you’ll be earth-bound,
And you two will be the pride of all Thomas 3
Many people coming from planets around
To see you, my boys be the glory of Thomas 3
Someday you’ll be in the holosets down town
Glory be to Thomas 3.”

Go go
Go Johnny go!

That there would be his first fumble recovery from his brother, Ju. I suppose you’ll need to read the Rookie series from Scott Sigler to find out if it was his last. It’s funny, I put the Hoho, go Johnny, go. And was going to leave it at that when it struck me, “Hey, that’s a song.” A few short minutes later, a parody was born. A horrible parody, mind you, but a parody none the less. It’s Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. I can’t imagine it flows terribly well with the music, but I don’t remember the music and didn’t care enough to go that extra mile.
Though, you should read the original Bloggaday that inspired that parody. It’s a solid Sigler Fan Fic.


“By David “It’s Like a Nightmare, isn’t It?” Dysart

Listening to
Prince is a Dick by TheMiSPoNe

Twitter Tag
Wall is down by one score and there’s only 5 posts left on the year, only on Bloggaday”

Bloggaday 360 – Wall: 6 David: 11 was rather disappointing for a wall Bloggaday. The first one was pretty epic, that post really pwnd, and then the next one had a Star Trek parody video by myself. If you would like to know about these actually awesome wall posts, then feel free to go to this post.
Now let’s take a look at the clips from this particular Bloggaday. I will say that I’ve been listening to WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much 40 Year Old Boy. My nickname is coming from the “I’m gonna eat pie out of your skull…” scene, which is referencing Tom Cruz’s Color of Money. Host of The 40 Year Old Boy, Mike Schmidt, came out with The Mike Schmidt Podcasting Network, which I shortened to TheMiSPoNe for the Prince is a Dick short.
And I’m rambling something fierce, but I have an hour and 40 minutes to finish this post, write 2 outro Bloggadays and get the last 7 or so posts posted.
So yeah, the Twitter also amused me as a football announcer.

“Ha! In you face Verizoninjas. Catch me now!

I will say it’s a good thing I’m almost at 155, because it’s a drag to keep updated. While I’ll keep climbing even after I make 155, I’m not sure if I’ll keep track of my climbs this well. I’m sure I will, because if I don’t I’m going to be pissed at myself 2 months down the line. Yeah, I’ve talked myself into it. I’m going to track my progress all quarter. Are you happy? If it wasn’t for this blog post, I probably would have stopped and been perfectly content for two months. Thanks a lot, Bloggaday Readers. Like I didn’t have enough on my plate being the PR Director for Southern California premiere international art and literary magazine, The Sand Canyon Review, which you can find on Facebook AND Myspace.

* I was actually listening to I Wanna Run, and thought, “Hey, this is good running music. I should go do that.”**
** So I immediately sprinted to my computer and spent half an hour*** making a good playlist for running.
*** It was actually probably 45 seconds on my iPhone,****
**** But this has got a bit more of that hyperbolic taste I wanted to leave in your mouth.”

And I will say, that rather large paragraph is missing its first sentence, and that’s a good thing because that first sentence is probably the most boring thing I’ve ever written here on the Bloggaday. At the very least it’s part 1 of the most boring thing ever written. If you would like to know more (since this all has probably been the second most boring thing I’ve ever written on the Bloggaday [and please, write me if you’ve found even more boring things in the Bloggaday {maybe we can kick off year two, the “Postaday” with some sort of compilation.

Hmm, I just came up with that, and I think I like it.
The Postaday: Revenge of the Bloggaday
The Postaday: Bloggaday, Year 2
The Postaday: The Bloggaday Strikes Back

Yeah, all of this is going on next year’s compilation (boring, not awesome [like there was any confusion on your part])

Anyways, I will say, the first clip is actually a refernce to the In Yo Face Bloggadays, and I wanted so bad to make another reference to it with respect to the “Catch me now” bit, but since I took a nap on the last day of the Bloggaday, I have like an hour to do everything. BAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. So yeah, I’m going to leave this clip here.

“By David “And I am Funky” Dysart
By David “I Wrote Two Hundred Letters” Dysart
By David “Since Half-Past Noon” Dysart
By David “Preppy Girls Never Looked At Me” Dysart
By David “Bang Bang Goes the Broken Glass And” Dysart
By David “Now Dance, F—ker, Dance, Man, He Never Had a Chance” Dysart
By David “Like I Had None” Dysart
By David “Cheated and Abused” Dysart
By David “Blame Paul” Dysart

“My Name is Prince”

Maroon 5

“Ball and Chain”
Social Distortion

“Beverly Hills”

“Holiday (Live)”
Green Day

“You’re Gonna Go Far Kid”
The Offspring

“She Fucking Hates Me”
Puddle of Mudd

“I Just Wanna Run”
The Downtown Fiction

“Effect and Cause”
The White Stripes

Tom: Wow, Chuck. I can’t believe it’s already almost over.

Chuck: What, the Bloggaday? The Song of the Week? Our time together?

Tom: No, this glass. I need a refill.

Tom: Tom motherfu, muth, motherkuffing, wait that’s not right.

Chuck: Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone. It looks like I’ll be spending mine getting Tom’s stomach pumped at the hospital.

Tom: And ii looks like I’ll be spenning mind pumpin yo wife. Hahahaha

Come one, you’re not going to run into a more eclectic and awesome single-digit list of songs on any blog-a-day websites or endeavors.
As a whole, I was rather disappointed that the last SotW of the year didn’t get a chance to go out with a bang. There was quite a bit of clip-worthy stuff that I didn’t include, so you should go read it, but it definitely could have been better. This bare-bones version ran about 300 words long than it should have been, so I just couldn’t really fancy it up.
There are several references, which will actually probably make it even worse for the average schmo, but oh well, what are you going to do?
I will say, that’s not quite how I wanted to end it. It was going to be more like

“Chuck: Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone. It looks like I’ll be spending mine getting Tom’s stomach pumped at the hospital.

Tom: And ii looks like I’ll be spenning mind pumpin yo wife. Hahahaha

Chuck: Come on, Tom, let’s get you up… You know, you can help here, right Paul?

Paul: I suppose I could, but I don’t actually work with you guys anymore.

Chuck: …

Paul: Yeah, good luck with that.”

You know what? I don’t think I ever shared with you guys my mental picture of Paul. I’ve ALWAYS though of him has a blue collar version of this guy, completely unflared: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_aPU6AU0hM
Mr. Hannibal Means is Mr. Paul Modes.

“Chuck: Don’t worry, he’ll take care of that in post-production.

David: Well, I don’t know, Tom. They kept having these mysterious accidents, so I figured it would have been safer for their fictional necks if the segment just got cancelled.

Tom: That or you just never got around to writing the bits.

David:… *Inaudible glare* In any case, let’s bring out Jack and Dan

Jack: Haha, well we had taped a bit of our first Performer of the Month segment back in August, but it never saw the glow of a computer monitor, so we thought we would grace our lucky readers with it now. *Audible smile*”

I really didn’t have enough time to develop this Bloggaday. Though I did cram quite a few word into a 500-word word limit…

“Avi Sutten Kabrick: First, call me Kab. Second, you’re still doing the Piccaday?

Avi Sutten Kabrick: *Inaudible pimpness*

David: Oh, yes. Thank you, Bloggaday Readers, for joining me this last year. I wasn’t sure if I could write a blog every day for an entire year, but apparently I could, and I’m glad that I was able to share that with all of you. I look forward to doing it again in the near future, and I hope it’s even better than year one was. Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you all had a great year, will have a great year, and look forward to all of the years ahead of yourself. I know I do.

Avi Sutten Kabrick: So the Bloggaday is coming.

David: No, the Postaday is coming, in all its glory, and all its horror…

Ooo, burn from the most intriguing character in the world… and more references. Actually, I didn’t clipshow the references, so you’ll just have to go read the original post ^.^
Actually, I did include one reference, but it comes from the very last words of The Bloggaday.
Though I will say, The Bloggaday ended like the last SotW. Not terrible, but it should have been MUCH better. I guess I just set the bar low for next year.

Listening to
The Last Supper of Idiocy (Year 2, Episode 47) by TheMiSPoNe

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227 – PWND: TSHBRotCCPS pt16 was some solid fiction content. Plus, that was probably some of the finest Final Thought I’ve ever thought up.

Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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