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Bloggaday 329 – A Caption Narrative: Naruto Kunai

Bloggaday 329 – A Caption Narrative: Naruto Kunai
By David “The Table Hidden in the House” Dysart

Alright folks. This is the fifth (I think) Caption Narrative as described back in 188 It’s where I take the caption to my various Craftspicable Me projects and make a Bloggaday out of them. I thought about rewriting it all so it transitions smoothly, but I could do that with my previous ones, and I can’t just go against the precedent set by 3-month ago me.
So, if you want to follow along my journey of my Naruto Kunai, read on. The pictures can be found at either Facebook
Or Photobucket Me/Kunai 1/
Quick info about the project. Everyone’s seen a ninja star before, but the ninjas on Naruto (and other shows I’m sure) also use Kunais (which are basically shovels if memory serve, tricky are those ninjas). Well, with my track record, how was I NOT going to make one. Well, I made 3 of them, and I got better with each one (That might be a lie. I think my 2nd one came out pretty well, but #3 was meh).
If I remember one thing from making these it’s that the angles are a bit- tricky ;-)

Kunai 1

I had two things to do: Make a kunai for myself and a jumbo key for my nephew since he’s always had an affinity for keys. I think he was just easily distra oooo shiny…

Uhh, sorry. All of my pieces were hideously misshapen, so I clipped them together and sanded them with that beltsander sitting inconspicuously in the background.

A little taste of how bad they looked… I was in a hurry and it was hot.
That beltsander walked away with a chunk of my thumbnail though… That basta

rd. Hey, look at that unfocused after shot. Unfortunately, all of these pieces must be shaped exactly right… Something I obviously didn’t find that pressing at the time.

I just shaved the angles. Rush job = not thought. Also conspicuously in the background: broken and sun-bleached hoola hoop and NOT a potted plant.

Me blissfully ignorant of how bad I’m currently doing.

I started off using wood glue, but a half hour of dripping wood glue and a cramped hand later, I decided to switch to hot glue to tack everything together.

This sunny and warm shot betrays the back and forth trying to get the shapes right. I have learned many a thing if I decide to make another one.

All painted up and wrapped. For paint, I sprayed it with a finisher, painted it with black acrylic (acting as a primer), and then spray painted it black. Then I used a triple-thick glaze to protect it and make it shine.

The handle is a big eye bolt. I pumped a bunch of hot glue into the hole and the put the bolt in it, letting the glue bond to it. If I make another, I’ll make the base first and just glue the nut into it, maybe a touch of super glue on the treads to give some durability.
The wrap on the handle is two layers of Simply Grosgrain polyester ribbon. It’s 3mm (1/8”) thick

Final product. The shapes don’t fit exactly right, but meh. I enjoyed making it and trying to make it fit. I enjoyed this much more than the shuriken. This was more of a puzzle and less just tedious work.

Listening to
Deliver Me by David Crowder (It’s kind of funny. When I heard about him, I was told “It’s like if the Beatles did religious music.” I wouldn’t say the same thing, but meah.)

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  1. Bloggaday 329 – A Caption Narrative: Naruto Kunai By David “The Table Hidden in the House” Dysart Alright folks. This is the fifth (I think) ...