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By David “The Man With The Meaning, The Guy Who Has The Gist, The Newbie Dabbler With The Novel Dreams” Dysart

I am the vanguard of boughten. Conform or you shall be smote down upon the building blocks of grammar
March 30, 2010 8:21:26 PM PDT via Echofon

I am the master of Boughten. Remember this f---ing face. Whenever you see Boughten, you'll see this f---ing face. I make that s--t work. It does whatever the f--k I tell it to. No one rules the Boughten like me. Not this little f--k, none of you little f---s out there. I AM THE BOUGHTEN COMMANDER! Remember that, commander of all Boughtens! When it comes down to business, this is what I do. I pinch it like this. OOH you little f--k. Then I rub my nose with it.*

That's not good. There's going to be. A lot of water damage
March 21, 2010 2:20:35 PM PDT via Echofon

I… have no idea what this was in reference to…

Oh, and I've seen enough chuck Norris to perfect my kid level roundhouse kick
1:26 AM Mar 16th via TwitBird

For a minute there, I thought maybe these two were related, but then I saw the dates. I… have no idea what this was in reference to…

Ah, the nap. Foreplay of sleep
11:15 PM Mar 14th via TwitBird

Do I need to make that Jay and Silent Bob reference a third time?
But really, is nap the foreplay of sleep? I think my initial thought may have been wrong. Your nightly routine like brushing your teeth is probably more of the sleep foreplay.
Napping is probably more akin to sleep masturbation. Not quite the whole thing, but when you don’t have time to get it done right, you have to improvise.
Yeah, I think I have all of this squared away now.

Concept art for #TheLastAirbender. The Watertribes were antagonists in the movie, slated for a #2012 release date.
10:11 AM Mar 7th via web

It amused me when I saw the cover of the movie, and this was the first thing that came to mind. I even wrote a bit of fiction on this premise.

Grammer Nazi-ism after talking about BDSM yesterday? Must be Bloggaday

And I misspelled grammar… Wow… Just wow… … Yeah… … Just role the next tweet.

In the social interaction system, there are people considered especially heinous.
September 15, 2009 9:46:59 PM PDT via web

Yay me! I pissed somebody off and came up with a Law and Order spoof opening. Twitter doesn’t take long enough posts though. It’s probably for the best though, the whole thing was a bit on the rough side.

In this group, there is a special ability that their members possess.
September 15, 2009 9:46:57 PM PDT via web

Oh, hey! Apparently I decided to break it up into several tweets. See how smart I can has been in mah past. >.>

They have the ability to make others slam the table in anger and storm off. I am now, one of these people.
September 15, 2009 9:46:41 PM PDT via web

And scene. Great job everyone.

Um, woot woot, I saw Mr. Happypants in a live show tonight, terrible opener though, some guy named Brian Brushwood.
11:05 PM Sep 9th, 2009 via web

You don’t have to believe me, but this was amusing. Enough so that I got a message from Mr. Shwood himself.
Wow, that sounded dirty.
Mr. Happypants
Brian Brushwood

Wrappers on the Floor Eyes scan about the room. Wrappers on the floor Ancient soldiers and beams of light. Wrappers on the floor
2:33 PM Aug 27th, 2009 via web

I tweeted a poem a wrote a couple of years ago. This was just one of the excerpts. I don’t think I’ve had anyone guess what “ancient soldier” and “beams of light” are referencing to. But that’s just if memory serves.

Depression so deep I’ll never again sleep A tux gi Fun to see Now gone forever My suit fu practitioner
August 19, 2009 8:48:20 PM PDT via web

This was another quick poem. This one was about this superbly awesome fantastic sign in San Bernardino by The Mexico Café. It’s one of those tall, multi-signs for one of those little strips that have half a dozen stores. On it is KUNG FU, and right above it is a guy in a silhouette suite busting out some drunken master. So friggin awesome.

Damn The DJ Show! Damn it to the inferno that is the Judaic-Christian torment that awaits all unsaved souls.
11:58 AM Aug 12th, 2009 via web

I’ve milked this little creation (The quote, not The DJ Show) quite a bit, but it still amuses me.

May it rest in eternal misery with all the other blasted projects that have won demoralizing victories over me.
11:58 AM Aug 12th, 2009 via web
Yeah, twitter didn’t allow me to post the entire quote in one tweet.

I am surviving on pudding and chocolate milk
10:31 AM Aug 10th, 2009 via web
Wow. It just struck me how far in the past that these tweets are coming from. This was when I had my only 2 wisdom teeth yanked out. I went a week on soft stuff. The nice thing though, I lost a pound or two, so I decided it would be a good time to start the whole weight loss thing. I ended up losing (and have kept off) about 40 pounds. Who would have though pudding and chocolate milk could start something so great…

Welcome to the Twitter hub for David Dysart, the man with the meaning, the guy who has the gist, the newbie dabbler with the novel dreams
7:33 PM Jul 25th, 2009 via web

Who could have thought something so stupid could start something so great

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Greenbay getting their momentum back

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Who could have thought something so stupid could start something so great
Only on Bloggaday

Going faster than a “Reply All” email, websites like mine will surely go your way The twits are tweeting and rss feeding I pray your mouse batteries die, and you take a tumblr Now here’s a little blog, I’ve got to tell I’m not calling you a bot, just don’t botter me

I wanna view like Youtube Shut up and let me show

What’s pickier than pickier? The Piccaday Light me up that web cam and strap a smile on my face Let the pictures hit the floor I’m gonna pack my pixels and I’m gonna go your way

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* I actually brought this fact up when a certain Billings said, “Boughten” just a day or two ago.

Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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