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Bloggaday 348 – The Third Great Trigady pt 4

Bloggaday 348 – The Third Great Trigady pt 4
David “The Mother F |_| @ |< ! |\| % Bloggaday Author” Dysart

The time has come yet again for another clipshow, this time the last for Bloggaday: Year 1. There’s still a few more regular posts coming, but The Third Great Trigady is going to fill most of the remaining year. Each of these posts contain some of the best of the last third of the Bloggaday, and my new comments add up to the 500-word word count.

Enjoy a look back at the last 100 posts. Until next time…
“Tom: And what a Bloggaday it will be.

Chuck: Really, do you have something special for us today?

Tom: No…

Chuck: …

Tom: …

Chuck: So we shou-

Tom: Actually, I think I can swing that.

Chuck: What?

Tom: Something special.

Chuck: Okay, go ahead.

Tom: Actually no, it just means I’m easily influenced by advertisement.

Chuck: Wow, was the lead singer dead for that music video?

Tom: What gave it away, the fact that he wasn’t IN the video except for ghostly out-of-place cameos?

Chuck: Yeah, that was actually. What’s next?

Chuck: Oh, when they’re in the competition and she does the this?

Tom:… Well, since this isn’t a video, you might want to refrain from just doing a dance move. Second off, that’s NOT the scene. It’s when they’re at the house.

Tom: It very well might be, but I don’t care enough to go through all of the old SotW’s to find out.

Chuck: I can’t very well blame you.

Tom: You know what, Chuck?

Chuck: What’s that, Tom?

Tom: We might ACTUALLY get this SotW done in only ONE post.

Chuck: Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve done that, hasn’t it?

Chuck: We’re already running long, and yesterday’s post was like 700+ words.

Tom: Well, close us out, Chuck. Nothing’s stopping you.”

SotW 26 was actually a really solid post. I finally managed to write a Song of the Week that only lasted one post. |\ |\ /| /| |\ |\ /| /| (That’s the happy dance emoticon me does from time to time). No one part was out-of-the-park funny, but it was consistently good all the way through. But that’s just me. An objective observer with no humor might say it wasn’t any good at all. Meah. While I think I copy/pasted most of the post, I would still recommend it as a read. Some of the stuff is funnier in the proper context and build-up.
“Nostrilstruck: The Very Best of Smelly Metal

After sniffing more metal things in an hour than I have ever done before in my life and nearly getting stuck in my dryer,”

BBBBBBAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. I love that title. So much so, I want to get shite-faced and just keep mumbling how much I love that title and have it be socially acceptable. I had to write about the smell of metal for my English class, and this was the title. Nostrilstruck = Thunderstruck (ACDC) pun. The Very Best of Smelly Metal is a play on a “best of” album for random Metal bands. I still love it though.
Alright, onto the next clip. Ah, yes, the dryer. Come on, that’s awesome. Who almost gets stuck in a dryer? Who would subsequently put that in a scholastic paper? Who would cold-clock future readers by putting that as the first line? Who would then read it the following day in front of the entire class (knowing that was the case)? David “The Mother F |_| @ |< ! |\| % Bloggaday Author” Dysart. That’s who.
Other than that, there were some decent lines, but considering how much I rambled on about the first two things, I think I’ll just exclude them from the Third Great Trigaday.
“Rocky Mountain Fresh Horror
Lastly, I don’t really drink. I’ve had alcohol, but I’ve never been off my ass or anything. Well, I’ve got myself a bottle of Jack Daniels, a laptop, and a future Bloggaday post saying that’s not going to be true for long.

As my Final Thought today,
I’d like you to answer a short survey.
Do you like Elvis? Or maybe Little Bo Peep
How about “Slutty” Matterhorn or 92 Dalmatians?
If so, then the next three Bloggadays are completely 4 U

So parts 1 and 2 of Rocky Mountain Fresh Horror were HORRIBLE. The only mildly redeeming points were the title (Rocky Horror picture show and the whole “Rocky Mountain Fresh” tag line for Coors) and the two quick clips.
“2 world famous famous jungle cruise 6:19 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone

While it would appear that I added an extra “famous” to my tweet, it will always be doubly famous in my heart… >.>

4 the haunted mansion and the first "slutty" Alice 7:29 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone
I’m calling it… 7:29 and the first slutty costume… The line for Pirates was long, but I think this might have been the longest line of the night. It’s close either way. I must say though, I enjoyed both the Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Mansion ride as well as the first slutty outfit of the night.

And... "slutty" Indiana jones??? 7:48 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone
But wait! A ways into the line, I spotted, oddly enough, a slutty Indiana Jones. I know, weird, right? And it was “slutty,” not “studly.”

Listening to
The redeeming acting of Frenchy Stewart”

I enjoyed the Exaggerific Disney Tweets and of course, The World Famous Famous Jungle Cruise. I will say though, I was somewhat bewildered with “Slutty Indiana Jones.”
“Elvis's wig has left the building 9:28 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone
Oh, Elvis… I saw this guy SOOOOOOO many times at the park. In lines, while walking, luckily not while peeing. It may have been a bit awkward and messy had he started to do windmills at the urinals.
Anyways, for some reason, when I saw him this time, he didn’t have his wig on. I saw him several times later that night though with it on. Hmmm… Must be a Carl’s Jr. employee trying to screw with me. They do that, you know. O_O

It's a bit disheveled, but Elvis got his hair back 10:08 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone
Little known^ fact: “How the Emperor Got His Groove Back” was actually an adaptation of a screenplay called “How Elvis Got His Hair Back.” It was also adapted again to make “Bubba Ho-tep.” Quite the diverse bit of fiction in my book.
^Hmm, I think I misspelled “false” as “known.” I think there also should have been a comma after that “Little””

Exaggerific Disney Tweets 2 was actually pretty good. If you were only going to read one, I might just suggest it be this one. They were all pretty solid, but I’m not going to just copy/paste the entire post.
Awe there's a corella deville with a few Dalmatians... And a black-spotted white jacket. ;-( 10:30 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone
Hmmm, Cruella De Vil. Much punnier than I would have assumed. CRUELla de* VIL(lian).
There was a group of folks in Dalmatian costumes with her. I didn’t have time to count all of the people in costumes, but since Cruella was wearing what appeared to be a Dalmatian stole, I’m guessing they weren’t in the triple digits. ;-(

Weaksauce. Step up your game, Autopia.

12 submarine voyage 11:24 PM Oct 15th via Twitter for iPhone
Now, for our 12th (ELEVEN!)** ride, we hurried to the submarine, but I went into this ride pretty fresh, but that’s because I don’t go to Disnayland often, and this ride has been closed for quite some time, and I don’t really remember this ride from before that, but now it’s got this Nemo theme, which is new apparently, but after the ride, they didn’t let us out for a really long time, so I thought that was weird, but I do have to say, there was some really good air bubble work to make it seem like we were going down, and even though it wasn’t that believable or anything, I still think it was pretty well executed, and… and… and?

12 o'clock and # 13 - Space mother frackin mountain. Ending the night right 12:14 AM Oct 16th via Twitter for iPhone
And here is why I wish I wouldn’t have squandered a ride count on the hectic entrance. If I hadn’t, Space mother frackin Mountain would have been our 12th ride at 12 o’clock (midnight pacific time). It was a good ride. I’m not a huge rollercoaster guy, so I didn’t use to go on Space Mountain very often. They don’t bother me anymore, so this was a good one, some really sharp turns though. I can see why my dad lost his pager on there once.
They were doing some kind of special theme for Space Mountain. I’m not sure if it was because of Halloween or what, but the added creepy factor was kind of nice I suppose, even though it wasn’t that much. I got hella blinded at the end though. That was just cruel…la”

Oh, cruel…la. I slay myself sometimes. I definitely would shy you away from reading this one either. There was some pretty decent word groupings here as well. If you read the first and was curious about why naming the hectic entrance as ride # 1, then this is the post you might have some urge reading since it explains the “why” (though I included the clip that explains it, but I want you to read the actual Bloggaday, so disregard what I’m saying right now… except don’t disregard disregarding or what I’m going to type after the parenthesis).
After all that though, I got a bit… less reserved. I don’t tend to be that fast and loose with my sexuality (unless it fits into humor and conversation with certain groups of people) when I’m just launching comments out into the interwebs and whatnot. Heck, you can see how much turmoil I was in writing the “Have You Met David” Bloggadays with the “introduction.” Actually, you probably never read them, but I was very deflective in the intro of the posts and tried to persuade people to not read them. Anyways, I wanted to say something after the “That was just cruel…la” comment, so I started my commentary. Here’s the end of the post and me being a bit more “fast and loose”

“Well, right would have involved bopeep, but still a solid, if not happy ending 12:30 AM Oct 16th via Twitter for iPhone
Ahhh, the last tweet of the night. If you remember from my last tweet, I mentioned that Space Mountain “ended the night right.”

All in all, it was fun. I don’t go to Disneyland often, but it was weird not hitting many of the essential rides like Peter Pan, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Star Wars Yada Yada Yoda, and Toon Town was closed by the time we made our way over there.
My brother is coming down from Northern California for Thanksgiving,*** so we’re going to Disneyland again for that as well. I suppose I could DisneyTweet again, but it won’t be the same without Elvis, Bo Peep, and “slutty” Indiana Jones. D-:”

Listening to
Sexy Mother F—ker (still) by Prince

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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