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Bloggaday 336 – Single word texts with a period

Bloggaday 336 – Single word texts with a period
By David “This Is A Boring Bloggaday, So Just Read The Previous Or Next Bloggaday Instead Of This one, If You Would Be So Kind” Dysart

So, remember how we just talked about how awkward and incompetent I am with phone conversations? No? Where have you been? Well, now it’s time for TEXTS!
/Cue crazy Peewee Herman scene.

Awkward blog pause… … !!! … …

Yeah… So anyways…
Um, that’s right, me and texting. So, as I said on my last Bloggaday Double Feature, I’m bad on the phone, but I’m okay texting. Makes sense since texting doesn’t really require the holding of a fully developed conversation (see the double feature).
But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about in this blog post.* I was thinking more about a certain phenomena. Now, this is me being in my own head, but bare with me.** This particular thing is the perioded single-word text.
Now, when I do this, it’s usually because I had written something else, but then I decided to delete the rest of the text. I also have pretty solid grammar, capitalization, and punctuation when I text. This is partly due to the fact I have an awesome iPhone that leads the league in assists, but even without it, I’m sure I would stay on top of it pretty solidly. Anyways, back to the perioded single-word text, right after this line break.
Hey, welcome back. SO*** when I get a text that is only a word long, even 2 words sometimes, it’s weird when there’s a period after it. It either seems like**** there should be something else accompanying it that was deleted or that period was placed there for a reason, like, “I’m done with this conversation, and there’s a period to prove it.”

Yeah, I’m odd, but if you actually read many of these blogs, you probably already knew that, so you read this at your own risk.

Now, this doesn’t include grammar Nazis who super punctuate everything anyways,***** but when it shows up from people who don’t superpunctuate their texts, it feels like I’m missing something.******
Wow, I’m already over my wordcount, but that’s mainly because of all of the footnotes.
Yeah, you have my apologies if you actually read this blog post.*^ I went quite a while without writing any, so I really needed content. This is my third Bloggaday**^^ today so far, with more on the way… Sorry?...!......?...

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* Yeah, I’m not a fan of “blog post.” I think I’ll stick with “Bloggaday” from now on.
** I suppose you could bear with me, but how are we going to shake the it?^
*** I’m sorry; I totally didn’t mean to yell that “so.” It should have been “So.”
**** I know “like” really kills the flow of that sentence, but it signifies that it’s just kind of one possible explanation.
***** And I’m not a grammar Nazi. I think I rarely period my final sentence in texts unless I thought I was going to write another sentence afterwards.
****** Rather that’s a goodbye, emphasis,^^^ or a sentence, I don’t know.
*^ Yeah, that just leaves a bad feeling in my fingers when I write “blog post.”
**^^ Now that feels right.

^ And since absolutely no one is going to get that reference,^^ I’ll add that I could be persuaded to be beered with, but as the double feature mentioned, I’m good just hanging around drunken folks.
^^ I wish I didn’t get the reference, but my brother made sure that it would forever be scarred in my brainial tissue.
^^^ While I didn’t cover the emphasis possibility, you can probably figure it out.

Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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