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Bloggaday 332 – PWND: “I Want To Get Lost” and Busyness: A Bloggaday Double Feature part 1

Bloggaday 332 – PWND: “I Want To Get Lost” and Busyness: A Bloggaday Double Feature part 1
By David “I Don’t Need a Map to Get Lost in Those Eyes” Dysart

As I thought about the looming business that threatened to devour my coming future, I decided I wanted to get lost. These words are my yellow bricks. ^.^

I Want To Get Lost

I want you here for me
Lost in your warmth
Lost in your stare
I want to get lost in you

I want to feel your hands on me
With your fingers drawing away
With my stress and worries
I want to get lost with you

I want to feel your breath against me
Your lips teasing across my body
Your warmth with me in comfort
I want you to want to get lost

I want to stare into your eyes
Time and meaning lost in the world
Time to just get lost in the moment.
I want you to get lost in me.

I want to touch and feel.
Your body held
Your lips breathless.
I want us to get lost… If but for a moment

Yeah… I suck at poetry, and I wanted to just write a single stanza. Then I decided to make this a Bloggaday, and I needed more content, so I changed up the intro, took some of my other thoughts that were floating along with it and wrote a few more paragraphs. And hey! Poetry is the original PWND content.

I will say though, there simply isn’t enough time for anything. Much to do, and haven’t the time for any of it. The last month I’ve been off of school, and I’ve been stupidly busy. What on earth am I supposed to be doing in a month?
Coming up at CSUSB, I’ve got 3 REAL classes for my Psych major. I’m also going to try to add a yoga class. Honestly, that probably wouldn’t be a problem. Last quarter I had three real classes, a yoga class, and a one unit online class which wasn’t that bad. The unfortunate kicker here is that I’m going to be a PR Director for a student-run magazine for the next 18 weeks…
I have no qualifications to be a friggin PR Director…
To toot my own horn though, I kicked @$$ last year being kind of the second in command for PR, but this is kind of a huge jump. Our PR Director did fundraisers for charities. Me? Nope. Never. Hmm… Now, it probably wouldn’t be bad if I knew I was going to have a solid team to fall back on for the fundraising. Unfortunately, people see that it’s a magazine class, and the only people attracted to take it are artists, writers, and graphic design people. At least that’s what it was like last year.
I’m an intelligent guy though. I formulated a plan. Unfortunately, to read about it, you’ll have to join me tomorrow for the conclusion of this Bloggaday Double feature.

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Close the screen, the awesome’s getting out

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